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Interesting predictions on this thread on reddit

Particularly the below:

How about Bran warg’s into NK and then Arya kills Bran with the dagger, thus killing the NK and all he has turned? They didn’t show the hive mind wight deaths in season 7 for nothing, I would assume. Also seems very GRRM to have a Stark have to kill a Stark. Also, when Bran gives dagger to Arya, he is asked why LF gave it to him and he responds “it was meant to kill me.” I don’t think he’s talking about season 1...
Honestly, that is NOT a bad theory! I could see it. Because we know there HAS to be a point to the Hodor reveal, and this could be it. He's going to warg that guy on the tree, and get stuck there (in his mind). This also makes PERFECT sense with the theory that the WW's/NK are trying to prevent a prophecy of their own. Perhaps the NK is trying to get South, to kill Bran, before Bran wargs into the young human NK AGAIN. Like maybe history has repeated itself and he has been trying to kill this kid before he has the chance to do all of the things, over... and over... and over... if he succeeds, he can break the cycle (wheel?!) and if he doesn't, this shit is going to go down again... and again...

Edit just to add: It also fits perfectly with the line from Leaf when they're under the tree, when Bran comes out of the vision of the NK on the tree and he's like... "It was you. You made the White Walkers?" and Leaf flat out says, "We were at war. We were being slaughtered. Our sacred trees cut down. We needed to defend ourselves." Bran then says, "From who?" And she says, "From you." But then adds, "From men." MAYBE SHE IS LITERALLY TALKING ABOUT BRAN AND THERE IS MORE TO IT I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FUCKING APRIL I'M GONNA CRY XD


call me big papa
i want to be a cross between drogo and the dwarf. drogo has the big brow ridge formed by mighty levels of testosterone. the dwarf has all the best lines and delivers them with aplomb. i love the fencing master too. i love stock characters played properly, to the hilt without apology or irony.
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First episode aired over nine years ago. Crazy to think that, somehow. An epoch-defining show - the show we watched as Britain bumbled and guffawed out of the EU and Trump crowned himself the King of America. The swan-song of Western liberalism.

I'm sure that, in millennia to come, "as disappointing as the last season of Game of Thrones" will be a popular byword.


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maybe i will watch the first season. tricky for me, cos my wife tried to persuade me to watch it when it was on, but at that point i poo pooed it, so i will need to backtrack. this is not going to be easy