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another denied-by-david story.

Speaking to one time Sex Pistol Steve Jones on his radio show in LA last week, Pitchfork notes that RHCP's Anthony Kiedis revealed: "Every record we ever made, we had the band discussion: 'Who should we get to produce this record?' 'I don't know, we have to try someone new. Let's get David Bowie!'"

"So in the beginning we would call him, and he would say no, respectfully", Kiedis goes on. "Then, later, we would write long emails explaining everything, and why it was time for us to really get our ships on - and he always respectfully declined... For two minutes I was heartbroken, and then I would hear Chad Smith play drums, and I'd be like, 'We're good, we can go do something else'".

Though if Bowie was pretty keen to not work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, his sometime collaborator Brian Eno is even keener. "[Bowie] said no to us like, two or three times, but his mate [Brian] Eno, who we've also been asking our entire career to please produce a record for us, has said no eight times. All good. You gotta ask. And by the way, 'no' is a reasonable answer. It's one of a couple of answers you could get, and it's acceptable".

i suppose that means bowie had discerning taste, but from i think bowie just wanted to work with 'cool' bands, rather than because the song was particularly special (thinking of the song he did with TVOTR).
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Somehow, and I mean reading your post I start to wonder how, I managed to discover all sorts of painters, novelists, poets and philosophers without ever hearing a David Bowie album.

Maybe Oliver you went to the right kind of school, or had the right kind of parents who pointed you in the direction of artists like Warhol or Brecht or William Burroughs or whomever else it might be...but if you didn't have these advantages you need a steer, someone whose judgement you trusted to guide you to the good stuff, for me Bowie certainly was a important in that regard. Of course, if you are born with impeccable good taste and just naturally gravitate to Italian art house cinema or whatever you think matters most you are a lucky chap, for the rest of us, we needed some help - sneering doesn't help.


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I think public libraries existed until a few years ago? You didn't necessarily need Bowie records or good schools.


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My God! All the way back then. K punk was on the forum yesterday I noticed. I wonder what he was after

The news of the world thread was the one about ashley Cole sticking his Nokia up his arse and getting his mates to ring it I think


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Let's not dwell too much on the past when we have critical issue to deal with right now - your cuntishness and how it can be stopped.


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"Keeps all your dead hair for making up underwear"

The tune is mostly word salad, but I cant help thinking that this line must've been inspired by Nazi use of the hair of concentration camp victims to make insulated socks for U-boat crews.