in je ogen waait de wind

i can't believe i never ever heard this song. not once did i hear it on the radio or on the television. yet it feels like i've known this song for years and i had to do a bit of googling to find out kanye west sampled it in his song "dark fantasy".


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I love everything about this. Snoop's perfectly awful verse. Eminem's tongue twisting trolling. Nate Dogg and Snoop's immortal chorus.

Ended up listening to and admiring a lot of the MMLP and Eminem show. It really was a glimpse into the id that became 4chan/the alt right etc. slightly before the fact. The devil had the best tunes and was making the righteous look witless.

Also the once in a lifetime opportunity to have a pop album that was completely excoriating about pop music.

I think you get the measure of Dre as a producer of artists by comparing Eminem as an underground rawkus/cypher rapper to what he was by the time of MMLP. The talent was all there in abundance but he turned him into some sort of demonic cartoon avatar of a nation's simmering discontent.
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DJed a holiday party a few years ago and the crowd loved when I played this. remember back when the worlds of rock and dance were so far apart, and every once in awhile a rock band would "do a disco song" and it would immediately split their fan base: some declaring "sellout!!" and the rest defending their right to capitalize on the trend?

feels like ages since rock bands (and their fans) cared about that sort of distinction and controversy. it was a much bigger deal in the "disco sucks" days.