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Hmmed and hahhhed about what to pick for my 4th of July CHOONOTD.

The Hulk Hogan theme song? Born in the USA? Rhapsody in Blue? American Slore?

After a grand 5 minutes of deliberation I've gone for this

Cos 1) It's Monday and a bit of chirpiness might make a difference 2) It's 2016 and (See previous reason) 3) It's so quintessentially American (or at least so mid 20th century American), so youthful and optimistic and chirpy.

I don't even know if I LIKE it that much. I prefer God Only Knows, like everyone else. It's TOO chirpy. But it might make richly ironic music, to soundtrack the muted video footage of a Donald Trump rally.


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Felt's a weird band huh? Some of the stuff I've heard with them seems generic britpop/indie territory, but then tunes like this are very spacious and have an eagerness to reach out.


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My mate keeps sending me pictures of Laurence when he spots him in town


call me big papa
A beautiful day on which to recommend Scarlatti's sonatas, played on piano, ideally by Murray Perahia, via Spotify:

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

Or by Horowitz:

Sunny, which is to say: delicate, elegant, playful, inventive, inspirational, BRIGHT, CHOONS