The Dissensus Hardcore Poll Is Now Open


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Rush your fucking bollocks off!!!!!!!!

Dissensus is choosing and ranking its favourite UK hardcore tracks.

Submit your ballots to me, Sadmanbarty, over private message or at All are welcome and encouraged to do so.

Ballots should be in for Friday October 7th. If some come in over that weekend they may still be counted (though they may not).

Ballots should be between 10 and 100 tracks (no more). Rank them as specifically as you can.

Make sure you’re entering the correct mix of the track you are voting for.

Tracks from 1994 onwards will likely be disqualified.

Vote with your heart, not for what would be clever, cool or tactical.

Post long lists on this thread, but don’t post any rankings.
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I guess though. Although mine would be almost all '91-'92 I think


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yeah thats a really good one. production house were just so incredible. early sub base/boogie times and moving shadow and formation, blackmarket records, xl... all that lot. thats my hardcore. but for others its slammin vinyl, rising high, or whatever, dpends what part of the country you grew up in. for a lot of people hardcore is 4 to the floor no breakbeats....


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There's a distinction to be made between hardcore (breakbeats, 91 on) and old skool (4 to the floor 88/9+), with load so of grey areas and overlaps in-between, like:



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It was the crucible. The most open and pluralist dance music scene (possibly ANY music scene?) ever with dozens of coexisting major strains and hundreds of minor ones. Messy by its very nature and resistant to taxonomy.


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There's a great line from the SUAD bit in that 'pump up the volume' documentary that pretty much sums it all up.

"You should interview the drugs".
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Project One - Smoking
Dee Patten - Who's The Bad Man
Zero B - Lock Up
Acen - Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix) /trip to moon 1,2,3/The Life And Crimes Of A Ruffneck
The Brothers Grimm - Exodus (The Lion Awakes)
Noise Factory - Can U Feel The Rush/Breakage #4 - I bring you the future
Neuromancer pennywise
liquid - Sweet Harmony
Rachel Wallace-I Feel This Way(M&M Beefed Up Mix)
The House Crew- Euphoria/We Are Hardcore/keep the fire burning
2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down
Blame - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix)
Blapps Posse - Bus' It (Its Time To Get Bzy) (The Final Message)
I Need Your Love (like the sunshine) - N.R.G. Original Mix 1992
criminal Minds - Baptised By Dub/virtual reality
Lewi Cifer - Heat
Andy C - Never Felt This Way
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer... just wanna hold u tight
Ellis Dee & DJ Swanee - Ruffneck Bizznizz
4 Hero - Cooking Up Yah Brain /mr kirks nightmare
phuture Assassins - Roots 'N' Future (Make Dem Know Mix)
BAD GIRL -bad girl
sonz of a loop da loop era - bust that groove
Bodysnatch - Euphony (Just 4 U London)
MI 7 - Rockin Down Tha House
nick O.D. - Let Your Mind Be Free/spam/ruff dub
One tribe ft Gem - What Have You Done (Is This All) (Original Version)
Jonny L - Hurt You So.
R.A.W. - Roughneck Sister Sue
Rum & Black - Wicked
Satin Storm - Think i'm going out of my head/Kick Up A Sound Boy
2 Bad Mice - Waremouse/bombscare/hold it down
The Scientist - The Bee/the excorcist
3 Rude Bwoy - Red Eye Dub
Isotonik - Different Strokes
sl2 ragga tip/DJs Take Control /way in my brain
DJ Seduction - You & Me
Hackney Hardcore - Dancehall Dangerous
The Brothers Grimm - Exodus (The Lion Awakes)
F X U - The Scheme
Bug Khan And The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes
zero b lock up
Timebase - Unity
One Tribe feat Gem - What Have You Done
Genaside II - Sirens Of Acre Lane
Phuture Assassins - African Sanctus
a sides j-done it again
The Prodigy - Your Love -
M.A.N.I.C. - I'm Coming Hardcore
Friends Of Matthew Out There Raw Mix
DMS - Love Overdose remix
sonz of a loop da loop era-Far Out/Let Your Mind Be Free/Futher Out (Da Far Out Remix)/Freedomism/Bust That Groove
Tango & Ratty - Final Conflict
Bass Selective - Blow Out Part II
Jem 77 - Never felt this way
Kicksquad - Soundclash
Timelapse - Sued For A Sample
DJ Rap & Voyager - Divine Rhythm
kicks like a mule-the bouncer/Number One
suad-ravin im ravin
D-FORCE - Orginal Bad Boy
Doc Scott NHS Disco mix /surgery
DJ Seduction - You & Me
3 Rude Bwoy - The Herb
DMS - Exterminate
Audioquest Productions - Love The Ardcore
a guy called gerald - 28 gun bad boy
lennie de ice-we are ie
Austin - I Get High/unity in dub
Q Bass - Dancing People
Austin "Unity In Dub"
Urban Shakedown feat. Micky Finn - "Some Justice' /do it now
Rufige Cru - Darkrider
nightmares on wax-aftermath
dj trax-we rock the mosty
fxu-the scheme
Jungle House Crew - King Of The Jungle (Bamboo Mix)
Manix - Special Request/feel real good/hardcore junglism


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dont remember hearing that before to be honest. who used sleng teng first them or sl2?


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i know ive forgotten some things though, just not sure exactly what


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Why would you? its awful, wrong in pretty much every way. Its a 'not quite' sleng teng as well...


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These are guidelines rather than rules, so don't fret too much.

1) 1990-93 is about right. There may be a handful of obscurities from 89 that are also acceptable.

2) Tracks should be from the UK, with at least some kind of nod to breakbeats, ragga vox or bleeps.

For example this is 4 to the floor, but there's a faint breakbeat in the background:

3) Try to avoid tracks that are completely derivative of techno from Europe and the States.

4) I called the poll hardcore so as to not scare off non-bleep fans. Any early-90's nuum is acceptable; bleep, ragga techno and proto-hardcore are all fine.