The Dissensus Hardcore Poll Is Now Open


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old skool>hardcore>darkside>jungle is the genealogy.

And basically - you know it when you hear it.


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"Welcome to Darkside Hardcore 92-94, a group dedicated to the more sinister beats of Hardcore and Jungle.
Post up your pitch black tunes and mixes for the Darkside Kru to enjoy.
Strictly Darkness!
Add your friends who you think would appreciate the group,

WARNING! : Self seeking knob heads will be removed! If all you post up is spam related to yourself and your rave/radio shows without contributing to the group we will fuck you off! (In the nicest possible way)

We hope that collectors of this amazing style of music come across some tunes that have been eluding them for years, or hear something fresh to add to the record bag. Re-posts are Rewinds so please post your favourites. Keep it Darkside...NO SPAM!" - Ralph Anderson (Darkside 92-94 Group Owner)

Also, be sure to join the sister group Hardcore 91-94


Beast of Burden
No order, a lot of cheese.

Acen Trip to the Moon Part 2
DJ Seduction Hardcore Heaven
Manix Feel Real Good
Manix You Held My Hand
Manix Oblivion (Head in the Clouds)
Manix Alright Wid Me
Manix Never Been to Belgium (Gotta Rush Mix)
2 Bad Mice Bombscare
Krome & Time This Sound is for the Underground
Blame Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice remix)
4 Hero Mr Kirk’s Nightmare
The Prodigy Charlie
The Prodigy Your Love
The Prodigy Everybody in the Place
Sonz of da Loop da Loop Era Far Out
Liquid Sweet Harmony
Top Buzz Living in Darkness 93 Remix
Desired State Dance the Dream
Red Alert & Mike Slammer In Effect
Gem 77 Never Felt This Way
Shades of Rhythm Sweet Sensation
Glide All Right (All Night remix)
M17 Rockin the House
Noise Factory The Fire
Xenophobia Rush in the House
Ratpack Searching for my Rizla
Urban Shakedown Some Justice
Noise Factory I Bring You the Future
Noise Factory Can You Feel the Rush
Phantasy & Gemini Never Try the Hippodrome
Red Alert & Mike Slammer Ganja Man
Noise Factory Breakage
Altern-8 Evapor-8
Zero B Lock Up
Metalheads Kemistry
Rufige Kru Darkrider
Nookie Shinin In the Darkness
Nookie Sound of Music (Original Mix)
SL2 DJs Take Control
SL2 On a Ragga Tip
The House Crew Keep the Fire Burnin
Altern-8 Activ 8
Acen Close Your Eyes
Doc Scott NHS Disco Mix
Johnny L Hurt You So
DJ Excel Just When You Thought It Was Safe
Tango & Ratty Final Conflict
Krome & Time The Slammer
Dance Conspiracy Dub War
Shades of Rhythm Sound of Eden
Bizarre Inc. Playing with Knives
Criminal Minds Baptized by Dub
2 Bad Mice Hold it Down
DJs Unite Volume 1
DJ Edge Compounded
Nueromancer Pennywise


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I'd like people to participate even if they are hardcore 'novices'. If you like you could pick your favourite tracks from other people's long lists and just rank those.
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By the way, this is poll includes Jungle tracks that predate the 1993-1995 of the Jungle poll. So Terminator, for example, is eligible in this poll, because its from 1992.


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My top 25 Trax of 1991

Here is my ballot for 1991:

4 Hero - Mr Kirks Nightmare
Eon - Spice
Nightmares on Wax - Aftermath
Quazar - The Seven Stars
Scientist, The - The Exorcist
Nomad - I wanna Give You Devotion (Original Mix)
KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal [Extended]
Moby - Go (Woodtick Mix)
A Homeboy A Hippie And A Funki Dredd - Total Confusion (Confusion Mix)
Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)
Rebel MC - The Wickedest Sound (Soundclash Mix)
T99 - Anasthasia (Out Of History Mix)
Tuff Little Unit - Join The Future
Zero Zero - A Zeroxed
Hypnotist - Rainbows In The Sky (Original Mix)
N R G - The Terminator
Outlander - Vamp
Second Phase - Mentasm
Tricky Disco - House Fly
LFO - We Are Back
Zero Zero - The Sanity Clause
Messiah - There Is No Law
The Prodigy - Charly
The Scientist - The Bee
Messiah - 20.000 Hardcore Members


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Here's how I'll be distinguishing between Hardcore and Jungle for 1993 tracks (this doesn't apply for tracks from previous years). A hardcore track will contain one of the following qualities:

- Chipmunk vocals

- Staccato sample riffs

- Italo-house piano

- Mentasm

So for example this track is very Jungly, but the staccato sample riffs at 1.42 mean that I'll count it as Hardcore:
Scrap that, you know it when you hear it ("hardcore, you know the score" and all that).

It would be interesting to see how many 1993 hardcore tracks don't fit this criteria.


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If i did vote, I'd probably put sweet harmony at number 1 for sentimental reasons
Sentimentality is one of the ace cards of hardcore IMO

Sentimentality meets brutality.

re: LFO, I think I agree with Reynolds in awarding 'Frequencies' the award for best electronic album EVS. Sounds so amazingly modern 25 years later. (Just realised that the 25th anniversary was on the 22nd of July this year!)


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Badly produced Lawyer-bait, but cant help but love it

can imagine that life is a mystery bit sounding so deep and profound while being off your nut on drugs. 'yeah, it is a mystery' spinning out on it


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It may well be the ultimate hardcore tune but given you make the rules dungeonmaster why ask us?