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palingenetic is from Griffin yeah.

Though like most fascist studies scholars he sees fascism as solely a form of revolutionary rightism when it is really a haphazard concoction of middle class state collectivity (we are all the fuhrer the fuhrer incarnates us) disposal of thugs at the terroristic state machine, and bourgeois democracy in its more open form when it can no longer serve as a principle to cohere divergent interests. democrats are filth. After all, it was Mussolini who called fascism:

"But if democracy be understood as meaning a regime in which the masses are not driven back to the margin of the State, and then the writer of these pages has already defined fascism as an organized, centralized, authoritarian democracy."


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I mean this is the whole liberal shtick isn't it! less russian state interference, less fake news, more democracy, people are an ignorant herd, people exagerrate the coruption of the PT (as if living under social democracy isn't alienating enough!)

Democracy is elevated to this principle that is dispossessed from our human experience where it becomes a concretised fetishism where we talk about anything but our immediate needs and how we relate to the embryo of the pan-racial and classless human community, suddenly we are experts on world and state affairs that we have no control over. of course, this collective memory is inscribed by the state, apart from a few quiet talks at cantines and pubs. de tockville (hardly someone our side) was a master at democratic disinformation. more newspapers, more illusions of commodified choice! and there you have it, a plient public overloaded and colonised by the outpouring of capitalist social relations into every day life. democracy is totalitarianism! Democracy is the spectacle, the spectacle is reality.

I'm not against democratic decision making when it is organically needed. What I am against is democracy abstracted from its very real social relations. And then the left trotskyist/social democrat is like but look at feudalism! well so what! that doesn't mean you accept capital's positing of its own history as a given.
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Has anyone come across this book by Raluca Soreanu, which has a lot to say on the climate in Brazil that enabled Bolsonaro?

From the blurb, it sounds much more 'academish' than it actually is (I read 50 pages of a friend's copy, resigned to maybe paying £50 to get a copy of my own, which is insane but...that's the academic game) - I found it really approachable, poetic and human, with fascinating ideas on the connection between memory, forgetting and trauma, placing Brazil as a particular case that never benefited from the kind of truth and reconciliation activities that happened in Argentina and Chile after the dictatorships and atrocities there, and so suffers from a particularly deep and singular trauma. Maybe suggests parallels to the US in this too, though I haven't got that far into the book to know.
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Fucking hell. This guy is just an unbelievable piece of shit in all possible directions at once.

Illegal loggers are ramping up a “brutal, fast” assault on the Brazilian Amazon with the blessing of the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro, the sacked head of the government agency tasked with monitoring deforestation has warned.

Speaking to the Guardian five days after his dismissal, Ricardo Galvão said he was “praying to the heavens” the far-right leader would change tack before the Amazon – and Brazil’s international reputation as an environmental leader – were ruined.

“What is happening is that this government has sent a clear message that there will not be any more punishment [for environmental crimes] like before … This government is sending a very clear message that the control of deforestation will not be like it was in the past …. And when the loggers hear this message that they will no longer be supervised as they were in the past, they penetrate [the rainforest],” Galvão said, claiming “enormous” damage had already been done since Bolsonaro took power in January.