@#$₩¥>>DOG SHIT <<¤♡♥₩%%_


There has been a massive increase in dog shit on the streets of Greenwich over the last few months and I cant help reading it as an index of social disintegration the decay of the social fabric.

When we (lol not we, they) decided dog owners had to pick up shit and everyone just went along with it no questions asked I thought it was a miracle. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but in retrospect that was a pre brexit high point of social cohesion.


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The simple laziness of people who let their dogs shit anywhere and just leave it is infuriating, but understandable. The thing that freaks my nut out is people who go to the bother of bringing plastic bags with them, bagging the shit and then flinging it into a tree. I'm like, and you think this is helping how, exactly?


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always wondered if dogs feel a moment of superiority when they take a shit and watch their "owner" pick it up with their hand. I'm confident that my two cats snicker inaudibly between themselves when they watch me scoop out their litter box. humans may be the alpha pack leaders in a household but the pets get their chance to give us a daily F.U. look.


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last summer i decided to film some dogs i encounter on the streets. i don't know exactly why i did it. i just thought, maybe if i'd have a small collection of dog video's i could make it into some sort of project. i filmed a dog drinking water out of a fountain for example. and a dog who jumped in the air to eat a small fish thrown out of the fish stand at the market. shortly thereafter i was attacked on two different occasions by two different dogs. had to go to the doctor for one of the wounds. one of the dog-owners told me his dog usually only does that to homeless people. i stopped with my project then. too risky. it felt like they were on to me. conspiring against me.


one of the dog-owners told me his dog usually only does that to homeless people. i stopped with my project then. too risky. it felt like they were on to me. conspiring against me.
Phew, that's alright then. I was gonna say that you should maybe report that dog or something but it actually seems as though it's just a small deviation from a usually sound programme.
Anyway, back to dog shit. Those of you who live in the UK do not know you're born when it comes to this phenomenon. As far as I can tell, dog owners in Portugal fit into two categories;
1. Those who don't give a flying fuck where their dog shits as long as it's outside their house (I assume, maybe it's like that inside too - in fact, I did go to this girl's house once and her big dog just came into the living room and did a huge steaming pile in the middle of the rug. And it did the same next time we went there. And in fact one time we went to this after party at the place of this guy who lived in this weird antique furniture warehouse under the streets. It was packed to the rafters with vintage bric-a-brac which they were storing until it became old enough to be valuable and then they could move it to their actual shop - but they said to be careful walking around that corner of the warehouse because it's where the dog lives, eats and shits). So I take it back, basically the first category is people who don't care in the least where their dog shits, inside or out, on their kitchen table, in their bed or bath. I guess you could call this the democratic approach.
2. Those who seem determined to make sure that their dog systematically covers the entire village in shit. This type is the most common. The main thing that people seem to do is walk out of their house, take the dog to first clear bit of the pavement and allow it drop a shit there. The next day they will come out and walk maybe half a metre past it and drop another one and so on and so forth. As you can imagine they will have quickly covered quite a distance of pavement quite quickly. Then they will move to another pavement or to another place. I think some specifically do it near to a disliked neighbour, but it doesn't make much difference cos the neighbour tends to return the favour. So the majority or my town is buried under one layer of dogshit - apart from certain places where several territories overlap and a number of dogs leave their presents, these spots are buried to a depth of two or three shits.