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Post an idea for an image and I will draw a picture of it here.

The idea can be anything at all: something from a dream, an invention, the representation of something you saw in the street, the recreation of a memory etc

I will try and draw every submitted idea. But other people are welcome to submit their own drawings of ideas submitted here too. Most usefully to draw ideas that I don't get round to drawing, but equally it's OK to double up.

One rule: Nudity is good but no depictions of sexual acts please :crylarf:

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john eden

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Hi Matt!

The tradition in our family is to ask people to draw a kangaroo in a wheelchair.

So that would be cool.


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Well of course I want to commission a portrait of myself, but not as I actually look but as I see myself, in my gold embroidered robe, eye glimmering like the ancient Mariner, enmeshed in the starry dynamos, in the cosmic wheels and gears of the Initiation Machine, Or in the Room-Outside-Of-Time, eyes torn away from the vision bowl.

Ideally I would like a series of 12 but let's start with one.


A pissed and furious Hurricane Higgins throttles a robot conductor on the bullet train, to dirty looks from fellow passengers Darcus Howe and Beatrice Dalle.


Beast of Burden
Or... Luka's nocturnal psychedelic encounter with the sleeping Finnegan atop a wind hewn peak, whilst surrounded by ambiguously benevolent/malevolent druids.

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I notice the crisps are ready salted. Good safe choice. The other flavours can be a bit weird and hard to deal with.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
I'd suggest you do one of Barty, but a realistic beach scene might be really hard in MS Paint and it'd probably be too obscene for a family-oriented forum like this anyway.
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