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First I owned would have been those AA battery powered handheld games that existed probably before you were born... I remember in particular a Teenage Mutant Turtles one and a watch on which you could play a Mario game. This was the only Mario game I would have played as a child cos I never had a Nintendo, although my best friend at the time did.

First proper game I owned was Sonic the Hedgehog 2 when I got a Megadrive for Christmas. Dunno if the game holds up now but I absolutely loved the music in it and the graphics, it's all massively nostalgic for me now. Had various other games on the Megadrive, including Mickey and Donald's World of Illusion (which still somehow haunts me), FIFA, Sensible Soccer, Brian Lara's Cricket, James Pond: Robocod, Toejam and Earl 2: Panic on Funkotron (great soundtrack), Predator 2 (pretty sure this was a terrible game but fed my appetite for grownup violence)... My king of games on Megadrive was Street Fighter 2, which I was forced to save up for by my parents (at the time a Herculean feat).

Next either came the PC or the Playstation, I can't recall which now. On PC I played Unreal Tournament a lot, also Rainbow Six, FIFA World Cup 98... I played the Half Life demo a lot cos I didn't own the game. My friend at school had a PC and I played Half Life proper on that, as well as the original GTA/GTA2, etc. Counterstrike. Loads of games. This is actually giving me nostalgic melancholic feelings for my teenage years. My favourite PC game is probably Grim Fandango, which I used a walkthrough guide to cheat my way through.

I owned a PS1, can't remember the first game I had on it. But big ones included Tekken 2 and 3, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy 7, Ace Combat 2... FF7 was absolutely amazing (up until I got stuck) but the king of PS1 games for me was Tony Hawks Pro Skater, which I began playing as I began skateboarding - and the sequel, which was probably the best of all. The soundtrack is soldered into my brain. I particularly enjoyed going round and round and round the levels, doing tricks, while listening to CDs and Tim Westwood's Radio 1 Rap Show.


The history doesn't end there but I'm prang I'm gonna delete this post


call me big papa
One thing I always find interesting is that when I was into video games growing up it was a real minority/cult interest, most people saw games as nerdy shit for dweebs.

I suppose Playstation 1 was the turning point cos they had cool soundtracks and edgy advertising.


call me big papa
Not sure, but the PS2 came next. I think this is when I started losing interest in video games, cos I can't remember that many good games from those days. Silent Hill 2, which I barely played cos it shat me up so badly. Tony Hawk's the perennial. (Tony Hawk's underground).

I also played a lot of Rollercoaster Tycoon on the PC. A masterpiece.

From then until my recent purchase of a PS4 I didn't town a console but I played a lot of XBox360 round my mates house. The dominant games were Pro Evo and Gears of War 2 (horde mode). Skyrim was a big deal too.

And now I've got a PS4. I was in love with red dead redemption 2 before Christmas and then somehow fell off the horse LoLz and now I'm scared to play it again cos I think I'm probably shit at it. Now I'm mainly playing Pro Evo, with occasional dips into Ray Man, which is amazing


call me big papa
Games are a lot more fun, as a general rule, when you're playing with friends.

Side note: my friend has a Nintendo switch and Mario Odyssey is one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. Maybe should have got a switch instead of a PS4. But anyway I find it hard to play games now, I'm haunted by the feeling that I should be reading the Divine comedy or something


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Turning 40 in a few days. Giving a workshop at the worlds biggest psychedelic convention. Trying to survive.


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luke has notified me he is at a self-imposed yoga retreat. he practices mind-body connection for ten hours of the day and for the remaining hours he is serenaded by a sudanese vocal group with trio of virtuoso taiwanese girls accompanying on piano, electric guitar and drums.


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So he's finally begun working on materialising that erotic wonderland that had all of our votes a while back. Godspeed Luka!