Who will next dissensus poster to hang an extreme right?

which dissensus poster will next to hang an extreme right?

  • me

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • luka

    Votes: 4 80.0%

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I'm just a normal geezer I like a nice pint, curry night on a Thursday, football on the telly, gram of pub gak with the lads on the weekend, bit of banter, keep your jeans and trainers nice and clean, normal clothes, no weirdo gear. Nick Land can keep it, I don't want anything to do with it.
Craner invented it, Vimothy accelerated it, josef k took it public.
ugh I remember when those three, specifically those three people, trolled the shit out of me 10 years ago, on this forum, for calling Nick Land a fascist wank. I guess the conspiracy was afoot even then.

If someone could direct me to their published writings I would be so extremely grateful.

Another question worth asking: Who will be first to claim to be post-alt-right? Not in the sense of "formerly alt-right" either, I mean extreme alt-right, because let's face it Trump has not and probably will not deliver on anything that matters to the hardcore believers. If you go to the /pol thread on 4Chan people are jumping ship left and right. I think they need a leader from the cultural, not political, sphere to advance their anti-PC agenda. Come to think of it, why hasn't anyone filled this niche?


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You were clearly pulling the strings. Your fingerprints are all over this despicable bullying campaign.


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deleuze is basically prog rock. blows your mind to the other side of the room when ur 17 but then you need the simplistic three cords rigger of inserrectionist texts when you're 18.