Can you be too old for music?


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I think people who get too old for music were never really into it, ever, really. I remember years ago I worked with a girl who was in her early 20s in the mid-00s who claimed her favourite song was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and it made me feel so sad, the idea that you could grow up in the age of all entertainment and culture being available to you, literally at your fingertips, and that's what you would land on as your favourite, a song that became a meme in a musical TV show


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I just can't imagine it, giving up on the thrill of finding something new and exciting, something that feels like a private language made public, something that captures and captivates me. It's all out there for the discovery and the fun to be had. Even if there was no new music ever made after tomorrow I could still spend lifetimes finding new and wonderful things to listen to.


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Yeah but the way your system reacts to music can change for whatever reason. Whether it's physical or emotional or whatever, just as you can fall out of love with someone
the power of music is waning though isn’t it. lately it feels that way, discussed endlessly here. who could argue? So yes the vitality of music slides a little as you age but we’re in an age of confusion and decline too


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I've had music that's meant a lot to me become less important over the years, stuff I'd maligned become significant due to context and experience of consumption etc too, but I can't imagine abandoning music as a concept

that said, it's a different relationship to film, I've only seen about ten movies in my life, most of them were boring, I don't get that at all


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since i haven't been to a club for months my bar is so low now that even the crappiest night with boring techhouse will bring me in ecstasy.

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In terms of the unglamorous DJ, having your set interrupted by another planned activity is quite high up. I know I’m not Jeff Mills but there are few things more deflating than turning up to a place with your record bag and the guy going “oh right... did I mention the, um...”

The one I really remember is doing a two hour set that had to stop in the middle for a Tae Kwon Do demonstration. That was some Alan Partridge level stuff. :)


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oh wait i have another one for the DJ disasters/shame bundle!

i was asked by FACT magazine to DJ a Michael Nyman LP launch. so i dug out all these fabulous Minimal classics and ensconced in the Vinyl Factory bunker beneath that car park on Poland Street proceeded to play them as the crowd milled around quaffing white wine..

Michael arrived and demanded very angrily why we were not playing his LP.

He did have a point actually - but still very embarassing.


Of course no. My grandmother goes in for sports and motivating music helps her. I also listen to music during training, when I'm going to work or going to bed. I think everyone can find music to their liking. For example, I love a variety of music (it all depends on the mood). For example, I was just in training and listening to motivating music (Don’t Stop Believing – Journey, Save the World – Swedish House Mafia, Skyscraper – Demi Lovato - are my favorite), and in the morning fun( Moon River - Andy Williams, Get Off My Cloud -Rolling Stones, Good Vibrations - Beach Boys) . It's very easy to pick up music if you have for example Apple music like me or another music streaming service
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