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That tune is actually hilarious though. Much better than anything autechre has ever done. Easily your best work and I've listened to all of it


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i like the ride on time sample. it suddenly turns it into this meta-commentary about rave as an archetype. you've got all those javanese pans; its pointing to tribal traditions of dancing round the fire all night and going batshit. pre-historic rave.


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this thread isn't me being glib or ironic or anything. i genuinely think yyaldrin's art is brilliant. really, really potent.

with craner i get this real sadness that he's not more in the public consciousness. he should be a renowned columnist. he's got such a fully formed aesthetic-worldview nexus, that's so niche to him. there's swathe of things that happen in the world that are dying for everyone to be able to say "that's so craner". i really ache and mourn the fact he's not famous. he should be someone every middle class person's aware of. he should be charlie brooker level famous.

yyaldrin's art fits into that camp. it shouldn't just be some people on dissensus and on twitter that see it. its too good.

i am surprised his music's not been picked up. it's very, very good and i know there are labels putting out adjacent things. maybe he's not sending them to the right people.


in je ogen waait de wind
thank you barty, those are kind words. i have a thing for drawing eggs in the shape of smileys. they are so cheerful. i found a book called beginners art guide to painting with acrylics in the park last weekend that reminded me i should start make a new painting again.