Competition: Find m9886688899881's New Name


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On the shortlist so far:

- acid man: who doesn't like acid?
- K-raner: it's a nice salute to Mark Fisher (or a derivate-Craner?)
- sun lotion: alludes to sun and holidays, there is some appealing optimism to it

Anyway, I will privilege really short nicknames, without all too many puns. That's one big reason why I want to change the current one: it's too long. The one I had in mind was simply Numbers, by the way.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Pan Tastic.
Frodo Manbag.
Arnold Behaviour.
Larry Megaton.
Devin Tudor.
Nash Brooklyn.
Duke Fargo.
Lazlo Woodbine.
Tod Unctious.
Sammy 'Saint' Sebastian.
Gary Tantric.
Luke Piehawker.
Eliot Zinc.
Buddy Bifter.
Alexi Pubah.
Hans 'The Glans' Mueller.
Oscar Swindler.
Tobermory Faversham-Lloyd.
Benny 'The Tank' Tanners.
Peter Mission.

Edit: couple of decent porn-star stage names in there actually.


The Regimental Goat. The Rhyme Controller. MC Sweetcheeks. Art Attack. Lumbago. Search Party. DJ Brazilian Wax. Dance 4 Me. Kiss me There.
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m9886688899881/Numbers what happened?? the name changed and that was the end of that - should we change it back perhaps?