Chief Keef thread


call me big papa
"Cops" after that is also amazing.

The production on this tape reminds me of grime in the best way. Sounds like it was made on rudimentary equipment and is more interesting and harder than 99% of megabudget prograp.


call me big papa
Played my mate blurry and he said it doesn't go anywhere

Which points up a virtue Imo

The stuff he makes on this tape sounds like it was made by someone who doesn't know what they're doing, which means the beats don't sound like anything else.

I can see why ppl would hate it cos it is so violently unconventional (and also deliberately ugly). It's punk as fuck (rebellious, not right on).


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Read this thread and you will see Barty hates him. He says it's basically indie music, amateurish and shambolic, he says its for pitchfork readers not proper rap guys like him.


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ok, fair enough, but barty also said that run the jewels is the only good rap music of the decade.

"real hip hop" I believe was the term he used
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I mentioned Tubby in the old school electro thread. Not that Keef sounds anything like Tubby but there's a willingness to really twist sonics that comes to mind. The Phil Spector Wall of Sound might be another classic muso comparison. Those dense into-the-red weed smoke thick layers of (over)production.


call me big papa
Earlier on today i was convinced but now I'm wondering if I'm half mad with flu and weed intake maybe it was all a dream


call me big papa
As soon as my friend said that negative thing I instantly started thinking wait what if I'm wrong maybe I was a fool god it DOES sound amateurish etc.

Can't trust myself when I'm stoned I can like any old shit


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You're going out on a limb whenever you refer to something as genius. It's a bold claim. It is really fucking good though.


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the irresistible hook. the weight of the low end, the forward momentum of the drums, the fantastical/innocent trance/zelda arp. pure-concentrate gamelan rap majesty. 'ho's goin bunkus'. capo's flow - 'you can't get no money, you dark, i do the glo, and - yeah, we cocky, arrogant, reggie man let em hammers spit'.