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69) Miles Davis - He Loved him Madly

i love all 32 minutes of this, a requiem for a true genius, the sound of a kingdom immediatly reacting to the news that a great monarch has fallen

normally tribute songs are overblown turgid things that feel they have to fill up all the space this is the complete opposite of that like sitting in a cave with no headlamp


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How did you discover all this music? you and third both have what seem to me to be very decentred, Internet lists. Cos you didn't depend those same narrow filters pre internet people did (radio, top of the pops, specialist magazines, DJs)

I mean, I guess there are still filters, but different ones (file sharing sites, blogs, online magazines like pitchfork etc, dissensus and other forums)


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Some of it is due to the fact that in secondary school i had an avant-garde jazz musician as one of the teachers and when he saw me making a note of Led Bib down on a piece of paper he was genuinly surprised some of it is to do with me digging through the deepest darkest blogspots finding shit as a result of said teacher

and as for the Ruth White track youll be shocked to hear this but i first heard this in a weird indie RPG called Space Funeral(its how i also came across Les Rallies Denudes) made by the Irish developer thecatamites , i do really like all that bonkers early 60s messing with analog synths stuff like the Elsa Marie composition third posted on his list


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75) Prodigy - New Yitty

HNIC 2 is P"s Nigga Please its a weird album from when he was at his most bitter confused and beefing with half of the rappers in the NY tristate area before he had to go pen for a gun charge, even when hes not rhyming he was still an aressting presence which is something i feel alot of dudes who occupy the lane of "street rappers who cant rap" severly lack.

Theres two laugh out loud funny moments on this track the first is when P out of nowhere says "yous a ugly dipshit, the black Craig Mack" and right after that calls himself a "handsome shooter" what? pardon?

The real appeal for me is the beat that weird ass haunted sounding synth melody, the soundclash chatter at the beginning its perfect, sometimes i feel like you can kind of tell a producers interests by what elements they bring into a beat with Sid Roams you can tell these guys loved obsure foreign prog rock and d-list Italian horror movies Lucio Fulcil,Umberto Linzi and them ghouls there. Its perfect

When i was a kid before i learnt about how short he was and all the madness he got up to online P was the scariest rapper out, he was a dude who rapped like he didnt like you and had all the joy just sucked out of him nothing to lose,he could be reasonable but if pushed too much then blood would have to spill
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Just seeing this shade of yellow makes me know this is something for you and padraig to bond over
it's true I love Flipper

one of the greatest rock bands to ever walk the earth

friends used to live around the corner from me in a house Flipper lived in in the 80s and there was still Will Shatter graffiti carved in the attic