Another 90s Hype Thread - Acid Jazz + Gilles Peterson


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This installment of my 90s hype threads will possibly be the least attractive - yet it gotta be done

Acid Jazz - I hardly remember much of the actual music, however I do remember several articles in the music mags I used to read back then as a teenager, so I guess it had some importance. Brand New Heavies, Galliano, Gilles Peterson. By the mid90s most of those guys had moved to Trip Hop, I suppose....


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I was a Gilles listener for at least a year. 1996 to 1997 probably. And Patrick Forge who's show was exactly the same with marginally less charisma and Ross Allen even for that matter. Long after acid jazz days but the ethos remained.


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was there ever a hybrid genre that was so unsuccessful in melding the good bits of either sub-genre? the dance floor component is totally lame, and the jazz element is laughably bland. 1+1 < 2.