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Lumping in all comedians wihh louis ck is kinda like lumping all footballers in with maradona.
it's just that the easiest way to make a crowd laugh is to mock other people. so naturally most comedians engage in that kind of stuff, it's the quickest way to success. i'm not saying there are no good comedians though. but i don't think it's easy for them to get big platforms. i prefer anyway to laugh about situations around me.


I find 7 to be fine more than 9 and it can be almost as bad as sleeping too little unless I really needed it. I used to have allot of problems with getting to sleep (dont usually wake up when I do nod off though). Using filters for phone and laptop screens, not drinking caffeine after lunch and making sure to never check the time when I am trying to sleep made a huge difference, also eating at the right time so I'm not hungry late at night and not eating before going to sleep.

Still occasionally find myself in a situation where I'm wired when I should be going to sleep and its pretty tortuous because I know that reading / watching something / doing anything just keeps me up longer and lying around thinking just ends up turning negative. Only thing I find that works for me in that case and doesn't make me feel like shit the next day is diazepam, not really ideal..


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I've been told that if you can't sleep after an hour or so then you should get up and read or whatever then try again later.


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We're thinking about moving, and I went to bed last night at 11:15 pm and laid awake for about two hours thinking about what a pain in the ass it will be to relocate all my vinyl and cds, which ones I should keep and which I should try to sell before the move, which used record stores I'd take them to, how I would get them to the stores, which days would be the best to sell, how much the stores would give me for them, etc.

Couldn't turn it off, brutal.


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There are loads of pros to streaming but there's also the risk that the stuff you're into gets pulled or simply never gets uploaded. There's also the thing of it being an unsustainable for the artists unless they're already wealthy.


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Corpsey's top three tips for insomniacs

1. Give yourself at least an hour to fall asleep. (I usually need a 10 hour window to get 8 hours sleep.)
2. Don't have a visible clock around. It's better not to know the time.
3. Earplugs.


in je ogen waait de wind
i had a five second dream that woke me up. i was staring at a frisbee gliding through clear blue sky, in the end it hit me on the head and then i woke up, my body shaking from the "impact". i think it's because of the societal paralysis topic and reading about agency in another book that i'm currently going through. i should have just took a step aside, or catch the frisbee with my hands.


5-6 hours on week nights. Always been a night owl, would probably stay up til 4-5am most week nights if I didn't have to work. But rarely crash out before 1am as it is. Should I be worried? I don't feel that bad for it, but maybe all the sleep debt's building up, ready to hit me hard one day...

Some nights, I'll be knackered around 11.30pm and looking forward to sleep, but then I get my head down...and get this sudden energy surge and want to listen to music, or start making 'urgent' Brexit stockpiling lists (which never get followed up on the next day). Like insomniac procrastination or something.
this is me 100%


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Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care,
The death of each day's life, sore labor's bath,
Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course,
Chief nourisher in life's feast


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I didn't sleep at all last night, just lay in bed staring at the wall which somehow turned to imagining this writhing mass of tentacles coming out of the sea over and over. They weren't attached to anything or part of a creature, just this expanding fleshy thing like a growing blood spot or ink in water. The closest thing I can think of is the ending of Akira when Tetsuo's body mutates.



I slept ten hours last night. Weird dreams too. I haven't drunk for a month so I think my brain is starting to repair itself a little bit.