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One thing I like about The Fly is that although it has all the gooey special effects and horror elements, it's ultimately very sad. The first time I saw it I had all these preconceptions about it being a schlocky monster movie with a generic antagonist that would get dropped at the end but it wasn't really like that.


Just got in from playing footie and it seems Existenz is on telly - I haven't seen it since I saw it in the cinema when it came out. Wonder what I'll make of it now....


So Existenz, it still suffered from predictability - just as last time I saw it it was obvious from the first that it would end with someone saying "Wait, is this still the game?". Also, some of the twists and turns which happen so fast and often and then have to be explained by the characters saying "I'm a member of the so and so and I did that cos of whatever" are annoying and drag you out of any possible level of reality in the film. The best bits are some strong imagery and body horror - obvious for Cronenberg of course but I didn't remember how out there some of the scenes were. Also, when I saw Inception I'd forgotten about this film... and I guess everyone else had which is lucky for Nolan cos it's the same fucking idea done in the same way. I don't say rip-off cos it's not really an idea that you need to copy, we've probably had it independently at one time or another. And so it stands or falls on its execution, at times, there are moments when you're thrown and you think "Woah, that's weird, what level are they in?" and it hits you how it would feel, but those moments are too few and far between to really make it work overall.


The bit at the end where it erupts into some sort of war is just silly.
Yeah of course, and it's a shame cos it's near the end so that's what you remember basically.
I mean, artistically you could justify it by saying it's part of the game so it's not in the real universe of thee film (ah but is it?) but it still is shit when you watch it. Very much like the actions scenes in Inception come to think of it - though I'm not suggesting he thought "we need a laughable battle scene like in Existnnz" and copied it...
Yeah, I like the gun and other bits too... the weird anal sex theme with the penetration at the bottom of the spine etc


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