Haunted by Humanity/Technological abstractions of the human voice


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The ghosts of soul.

Timbaland-era lone voices trapped in automated sound worlds. The spectral, shimmering translucence of garage voical samples. Reynolds notion of auto-tuned "hyper soul". Hardcores very different, hysterical hyper soul. Dancehall's squealing transhuman djinn. Rave's banshee divas. The Beatles pitch-shifted juvinalia.

mourning a humanity lost in the burgeoning transhuman world.


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the cutting off after the in breath of the "get you some more" sample is chilling. that 50's pulp eroticisation of strangling women.

then "feel me". a woman screaming to escape the machine. her voice echoing and reverberating off of neon, elctronic walls. a million encoded voices at once. her voice sounds like in the matrix when you zoom in on someone and suddenly see all the green numbers. her voice pixilating because it hasn't buffered.


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abjectly chilling this one. it's like trying to see a face through a condensation covered pane of glass. these emotions materialising and then dissipating as melodic lines are introduced and dropped.

that ghostly vibrato and thin vibrato; like a holographic girlfriend. idealised, but also translucent and intangible. in love with an idea. the fictions we tell ourselves. and the deep anguish we feel knowing they're not true.

another one where i used the word "chilling". not only does it suggest that i've got a very limited vocabulary, but also that in the trans-human world the very notion of humanity is rendered sinister. it also says that these ostensibly soulful vocal performances are cold. absent of the warmth a body can bring.


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swarming apparitions in the instrumental. it feels like they're stealing your breath away from you. it's being sucked out of you. or like depictions of a vaporous soul leaving a body.

since kartel went to prison all his new vocals have had this very thin, distorted recording quality. an audible hallmark of his imprisonment.



Keep the fire burning was by far the biggest tune on the Pirates when I first started listening. Never heard that mix though.


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You could easily have remastered that and passed it off as some new thing on Rinse in 2011.


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and for any barty threads that don't include a vybz video, he just hasn't gotten around to posting one yet.