Public figures working for the security services


Who loves ya, baby?
Yeah, the odd responses to the question of whether he's ever worked for MI6 are a bit suspect.

Rory Stewart concedes career 'gives appearance' that he worked for MI6

Asked by the magazine whether he had once worked for MI6, Mr Stewart reportedly said: "It's an unfair question", while "his mother, when asked, smiled, and said, 'I wouldn't begin to know'." The article's author, Ian Parker, wrote that Mr Stewart "later suggested phrases that I might use - such as his career 'giving the appearance of' such a path.

"He added that people should have 'the very, very clear understanding that I stopped working in embassies and for the Government proper in 2000'." From then on, "I was no longer part of the system," Mr Stewart told Parker, who adds that "someone in London who is in a position to know told me that Stewart certainly was" in MI6.