On the Winchester thread I was talking about how the medieval era was a time of perpetual drunkeness.
Probably literally true as a lot of the time the water was not good to drink and people tended to drink several (admittedly weak) flagons of ale a day. Most people half-cut most of the time.


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what's the story behind that firefinga?
I don't know, I stumbled across that pic some time ago. In fact, there are many grotesque figures and ghouls attached to old cathedrals. Also Notre Dame has some great ghouls on its walls.

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I think statues were usually painted in ancient Greece and Rome too, weren't they? It's funny, we're so used to seeing them in cool, stately, natural grey or off-white marble that the idea of them being painted seems bizarre. Like they'd look incredibly gaudy - tacky or naff, even.


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Proust has hit upon something I've mentioned before, not to say he necessarily plagiarised me, but that the steeple is two hands met in prayer.

This is a symbol of duality and unity, the two forces equal and balanced in energised opposition. /\ like so.
Again a Masonic, engineering principle as well as a spiritual cosmic principle.
I like this. The tower versus the tall building as well. Skyscrapers, flat on top, what a load of bollocks. It's all about the point. So that the very top cannot be stood upon. Cannot be touched