Kate Tempest

i think some of the fictions which underlay emotions have been dissolved. the kind of fairy stories which underlay the experience of 'falling in love' for instance have been methodically undermined.
have you ever been in love?
2 in the morning on the rainy streets and you feel exhausted but alive, you know you've got to keep on fighting, life is both dreary and romantic and hope is a tiny flame you clasp between your mittens.
this is fucking sick mate did you just come up
With that there now? Where do you your ideas from?
I'm going to be really disappointed if it all boils down to "well, it's just a matter of taste, isn't it?". I want there to be a reason. I want there to be a reason why the people who like her are wrong.
She’s nailing the spoken word equivalent of white noise build ups and bass drops. Words to deliver the frisson. She’s more about the non-literary listener or reader than you are, the effects they feel, goosebumps, ooh poignant. She knows how to get that response. And you’re the real house head who disapproves of this kind of cheap and dirty immediacy


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ive never listened to her. shes like Mike Skinner for me. just the sound of the voice alone delivers an unendurable cringe i cant withstand even for detatched research purposes.