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Aye que fuck! Novel Coronavirus

4Chan Special Autism Operations have weighed in

Analysis of published smog analysis indicates tens of thousands dead in Wuhan

Did it really emerge in the city's wildlife market? (patient zero had not visited)
What's with these HIV RNA inserts?
What's the link with Canada and the biological research facility in Wuhan?
Who's dying? Is it targeted at particular groups?
Is it a pandemic?
Any significance in these 4 coaches from this coach company being used to transport Brits to quarantine in the Wirral?

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In the interests of giving credit where it's due, mistersloane came up with that pun on Facebook.

I could point out that sulphur dioxide is a major byproduct of burning coal and China generates most of its electricity from coal, but this would be boring, so I won't.


Apparently (as in, it's probably not true but I didn't want to check) there was a research lab in Wuhan with the same logo as the Umbrella corporation from video game franchise Resident Evil.

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Apparently (as in, it's probably not true but I didn't want to check) there was a research lab in Wuhan with the same logo as the Umbrella corporation from video game franchise Resident Evil.
If you think that's weird, wait till you learn that the People's Republic of China has the same flag as a dystopian techno-fascist dictatorship.


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Coronavirus: Every hospital in England must create secure zones for patients, leaked NHS document reveals

All NHS hospitals in England have been ordered to create secure areas for coronavirus testing to “avoid a surge in emergency departments”, according to a leaked NHS letter.

Hospitals have been told to create “coronavirus priority assessment pods”, where people will be checked for the virus, which will need to be decontaminated each time they are used.

The letter, seen by The Independent and dated 31 January, instructs all chief executives and medical directors to have the pods up and running no later than Friday 7 February.


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It doesn't quite line up as coronavirus can apparently infect animals too and supposedly lives outside the body for up to three days, but still... Remarkably prescient.

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Evil geniuses who want to kill lots of people for no reason always seem to be desperately unimaginative and have this deep urge to leave clues that can be deciphered by some dude on Twitter.


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Coronavirus cases spread outside China, but WHO reports turning point in Wuhan

BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) - Italy, South Korea and Iran reported sharp rises in coronavirus cases on Monday, but China eased curbs as the rate of infection there slowed and a visiting World Health Organization team said a turning point had been reached in the epicenter, Wuhan.
The surge of cases outside mainland China triggered sharp falls in global share markets and Wall Street stock futures as investors fled to safe havens. European share markets suffered their biggest slump since mid-2016, gold soared to a seven-year high, oil tumbled nearly 4% and the Korean won KRW= fell to its lowest level since August.[MKTS/GLOB][.N]

But U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin cautioned against jumping to conclusions about the global economy or supply chains, saying it was simply too soon to know.
Dow set for 800-point fall at open as pandemic fears grip Wall St.

(Reuters) - The Dow Jones Industrials .DJI index was set to shed nearly 800 points at the open on Monday as investors scurried to safer assets after a surge in coronavirus cases outside China stoked fears of a bigger impact to global growth.

Gold rose to a seven-year high and the inversion between the 3-month and 10-year U.S. Treasury yields deepened as a rise in cases in Iran, Italy and South Korea over the weekend added to fears of a pandemic. An inversion of the curve is a classic recession signal.

All of Dow’s 30 blue-chip members were in the red in premarket trading, with technology behemoths Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) down 4.2% and Apple Inc APPL.O 3.8%. Latest data showed sales of smartphones in China tumbled by more than a third in January.


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Canary Wharf offices in lockdown after worker suffers coronavirus symptoms

Hundreds of staff were sent home after an office at London’s Canary Wharf was locked down over coronavirus fears.

Energy firm Chevron asked about 300 British employees to temporarily work remotely after a member of staff reported flu symptoms on their return from a country infected by the deadly bug.

They were sent for testing and the company told staff not to return until the results came back.


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Surely sending them all home is a greater risk than keeping them all locked in? Now hundreds of potentially infected people have all gone on the tube etc to get home...


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doesn't sound good!

I have to go to an annual international work thing for a few weeks in mid-march, a couple of hundred attendees. they've already disinvited people from mainland china, HK, Singapore and Japan. Italy was added to the list yesterday. now I wonder if the meeting will happen at all. even if a country isn't yet infected, people might want to stay home as a precaution.

if you don't see posts from me after march 26, I've been corona-ed.