Damn, Andy Weatherall is dead


Wild Horses
Sounds really good, do you have a track list?
Couldn't find a list for that show but this is a mixtape that Bobby Gillespie did for a competition for Select at about the same time, though this has a "rock" section. Some of the same tracks.

1 DlON Born To Be With You (1975)
2 MOTT THE HOOPLE Trudi’s Song (1971)
3 THE FACES Debris (1971)
4 BIG STAR Thirteen (1972)
5 PATTI SMITH Piss Factory (1974)
6 MARlANNE FAlTHFULL Sister Morphine (1969)
7 DENNIS WILSON Thoughts Of You (1977)
8 JAMES CARR (At The) Dark End Of The Street (1966)
9 CRAZY HORSE I Don’t Want to Talk About It (1971)
10 SCOTT WALKER Duchess (1968)
11 LEE HAZLEWOOD Wait And See (1968)
12 JIMMY REED Baby What You Want Me To Do (1964)
13 THE HEARTBREAKERS Pirate Love (1977)
14 LINK WRAY Fat Back (1963)
15 MC5 Sister Anne (1971)
16 THlN LIZZY Don’t Believe A Word (1976)
17 MINK DEVILLE Spanish Stroll (1977)
18 FREDDIE SCOTT Am I Grooving You (1967)
19 TAPPER ZUKIE (And The Musical Intividators) New Star (1977)
20 GEORGE McCRAE Rock Your Baby (1974)
21 DETROIT EMERALDS Feel The Need In Me (1972)
22 THE SPINNERS I’ll Be Around (1972)
23 THE CHAlRMEN OF THE BOARD (You’ve Got Me) Dangling On A String (1970)
24 CHUCK BERRY I'm Talking About You (1961)

Apart from the tunes I mentioned I recall:

Laura Nyro - Desree
Jackie Moore - Precious Precious
*Possibly* Natural Collie - Freddie McGregor
A random Stereo MCs track that I can't be arsed to find the name of
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john eden

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For me, as well as all the above, he is also the epitome of someone who absorbed the best aspects of industrial music/occulture and not the dickhead shitty bits.

A sad loss, but maybe tempered by the fact that I think he must have known he was appreciated - for what he did and not some stupid celebrity nonsense.
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Darned cockwombles.
bloodsugar 5 and hypercity are the ones. effortless dubby minimal house (way before that became a dirty word.) Dude was so ahead of the curve.
forgot all about hypercity. that era was great, something good to come out of the (very) late 90s


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He's someone I've been vaguely aware of for years, but whom I've never listened to or looked into. Got the essential mix roiling now.

what did you think of this? have listened to it about 5 times since this thread. it's rare that i listen to mixes at all these days, let alone 5 times. absolutely love it.

got this one from 3 years earlier playing now https://soundcloud.com/nick-van-roosbroeck-1/andrew-weatherall-essential

also pretty good. much more varied in styles and rough around the edges but in a very tasty and trippy way. early 90s dance was often so psychedelic