Wild Horses
Sure - how many English nationalists make a point of avoiding curry, pizza, (American) hamburgers, (Sephardic) fish and chips, Dutch/Belgian/German lager, etc.? Not too many, I expect.
I am reminded of a joke from The New Statesmen - some Frenchie points out 'The English do not have a cuisine. They have brown sauce'. The English breakfast is pretty much the only thing they can hang their hat on, and the people of Ireland and Scotland would snort at that.

Budapest does have a lot of food, including overpriced 'Best Goulash soup in Town' for the tourists (well obv they're not open, those places aren't exactly going to do a roaring takeaway trade). But as much as I actually like Hungarian food, it's hardly special: my gf made a very nice potatoes with sausage in tomato sauce but I found a pretty much identical Spanish recipe online (it even featured dill).


Who loves ya, baby?

I just saw it on the front page of Reddit and thought it was worth posting. I do glance at Reuters headlines a few times a day though. It's almost unconscious at this point.