That's not how I remember it...


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Shame I couldn't flesh this one out. It's something I feel very strongly, but struggle to articulate. I need to come up with a term for it, or find one someone else has.
Granular temporality? The football thread did something similar this end jogging Football Italia’s theme tune in my neural synapses.


I remember seeing black and white footage of the Beatles and the Stones (in their 'mop top / introduced by Jimmy Savile' phases) as a kid in the early '80s, and it seemed so antiquated - like something beamed in from WW2. Even now, I can't imagine them or Hitler existing in colour. Insane to think you could still buy black and white TVs in the '80s.

What makes me do a spit take now is if I see '80s archive TV stuff where they're talking about the internet or in-flight movies. For some reason I thought in-flight films were some recent-ish (as in 2000s-onwards) thing...but I didn't get out of the UK much before then.

'Endsleigh League Extra' seems like another planet now.


I think it's a phenomenon of mediation and technological progress. You can't go back, memory can be vague and the image is powerful. It usurps memory and tricks you into thinking that's how it was, or that's how you remember it. That the 90s were grainy, the 40s were black and white. You know the way your eyes operate and that you're watching a recording, but it's the closest you can get to looking directly at the past and there's an immediacy and potency that comes with actually seeing something.
I remember an experiment (well, the general thrust of it anyway, details I'm not so sure) where they photoshopped people into pictures of places where they had never been - like say by the Parthenon or some other landmark - and then said something like "Remember you nipped to Rome for a weekend in 1993" or whatever and apparently it was surprisingly common for them to say "Oh... yeah, yeah I'd forgotten about that".