That's not how I remember it...


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Se7en is a bunch of bollocks but it’s nearly 30 years old. Freeing up an old drive for space revealed a copy, cue “eh, what date?”

Had a rough approx of the millennium and I don’t know why this film specifically registered, other than thinking around said period in politics (pre-Blair ffs), contemporary films, music, people, mates, gf. Too much to remember which induces a sense of incongruent memory filing, how can this be 28 years old, yet it is
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Anyone find themselves struggling with the disconnect between footage of the past and how it actually looked at the time? I can't really envision the 90s, despite living through them, because the grainy footage we have now seems to have usurped what I actually saw. The 90s were grainy the way the 50s were black and white.

This is great. Assuming these aren't faked, I didn't know they HD cameras back then.