junglism or barbarism: existential-dystopian 2020 jungle mix


harco pronting
first post! thought some of the people on this board might appreciate this mix's selection/thematic content. sort of a streetwise armageddon, moment of truth vibe, hence the title's reference to rosa luxembourg (so casual listening for 2020, i'm in the states btw). half new stuff, half old, most of the old being some ruffneck ardkore. the opening track originally had one of those tired 'wonders of the mind' monologic vocal samples, which i patiently replaced with some bits from one of my favorite (and i think of the best) contemporary (leftist nietzschean) philosophers, raymond geuss. he uses the image of a jungle to illustrate how the condition of nihilism is less like finding oneself in a vast ocean or desert deprived of orientation (i.e. 'how is one to get any kind of normativity whatsoever?') and much more like (always already) being in a jungle, in a crowded volatile environment which is overdetermined by an abundance of competing, qualitatively distinct meanings, normativity, desideratum etc. (i.e. we have existent, ongoing, oftentimes competing or incompatible commitments, beliefs, habits, so that our normative structures are works in progress which play out in the domain of our practices, not in reasoned philosophical argument or justification which would arrive at some final unitary moral worldview). other samples include a depiction of rhetorical sparring between a man and some cybernetic entity, and what sounds like an excerpt from a goofy 50s/60s American tv-news doc on ganja's spiritual value for rastas. anyhow, enjoy and endure. looking forward to checking the threads and contributing some time. link + tracklist below

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/ERFradio/junglism-or-barbarism-w-dilbert-erf-radio-mix-31/


Ill Behavior - ILL 001 A (Ill Behavior 2019)
Ellis Dee - Lockdown (Collusion Records 1995)
Dead Man’s Chest - Trip II Eclipse (Western Lore 2018)
FFF - It Began In Man’s Mind (Myor Massiv 2016)
Sonic - Serendipity (Western Lore 2019)
Coco Bryce - Born At A Young Age (Diamond Life 2020)
Dead Man’s Chest - Just 4 (Western Lore 2017)
Sonic - Psychedelic Soul (Western Lore 2019)
Dead Man’s Chest - The Future (Ingredients Records 2015)
DJ Taye feat. DJ Manny - Burnin Ya Boa (Hyperdub 2016)
Wetman - I Can’t Stop (Apt E 2020)
Abyss - Lightning, Earthquake & Thunder (Myor Massiv 2015)
In-Sync - Nasty (Dread Recordings 1995)
Gappa G & Hyper Hypa - Feel Like A King (Ruff Kut! Records 1993)
Potential Bad Boy - Jungle Fever (Remix) (Limited E Edition 1992)
Potential Bad Boy - Hardcore Youth (Limited E Edition 1992)
Ellis Dee + DJ Swan-E - Ruff Neck Bizznizz (Rough Tone Records 1992)
Taktix - The Way (Fokus Recordings 1993)
DJ Fokus - Chill Out (Blueprint Records 1993) Squarepusher - Tundra (Rephlex 1996)
very happy to see Potential Bad Boy get some representation. ploughing through it now, great stuff.