1. echevarian

    Echevarian - Driftless Mix Vol 6 (Hardcore, Jungle, Breakstep, Classic Techno)

    Kush Jones - Dub Type Midimiliz - Feet In The Air Fjaak & J. Manuel - XoXp0rt Force Mass Motion - Esthisis Wax Doctor & Jack Smooth - What's Going On Special Request - Vortex 150 Mani Festo - The Reaper (K-65 Remix) dj genderfluid - acid warehouse tea Wax Doctor - Protoplasm Bigod 20 -...
  2. dilbert1

    junglism or barbarism: existential-dystopian 2020 jungle mix

    first post! thought some of the people on this board might appreciate this mix's selection/thematic content. sort of a streetwise armageddon, moment of truth vibe, hence the title's reference to rosa luxembourg (so casual listening for 2020, i'm in the states btw). half new stuff, half old, most...
  3. B

    Dj Deadtrax - Gabber house an exploration into European hardcore rave by Marc Dauncey

    An hour and forty minutes exploring the murky world of hardcore techno, gabber and a sprinkling of jungle and breakcore, ranging from 150 to well over 240 bpm, from 1992 right up to the present day. Full blog post and commentary here...
  4. A

    THINGS DISAPPEAR mixes on Tottenham's 199 radio

    Hi. Blatant self-promotion... I do some mixes on a radio station in Tottenham / Haringey called 199radio. I'd imagine that these mixes might be enjoyable for some dissensus headz (here's a link to the Soundcloud playlist for all my previous shows). Here's the latest one from Saturday 25...
  5. Bomb Sandwich

    Normal Man - 'That Joyless Vibe' noise-rock debut album (free download)

    We put this out on cassette through Horrible Injury in August, thought we'd up it for free download. We've been compared to Pissed Jeans, Brainbombs, Bleach-era Nirvana, Cherubs and Butthole Surfers. Not sure how many on here are feeling that kind of stuff, but I come on here a fair bit (mostly...
  6. Bomb Sandwich

    [LEEDS] Diet Pills/Normal Man/Cyvoid/Tree Of Sores, Cardigan Arms Pub £4 hardcore gig

    Sunday 22nd August - Cardigan Arms - £4 - 7.30 doors DIET PILLS Prolific Leicester sludge fiends...absolutely storming live (http://www.myspace.com/dietpillsband) NORMAL MAN Leeds' own cranks play thuggish rock for dysfunctional tough guys. First album 'That Joyless Vibe' out now...
  7. Bomb Sandwich

    Horrible Injury Podcast - hardcore, noisey rock, electro, doom etc

    Ey up, this is the first podcast we've done. Horrible Injury is a night that we (Normal Man) have been doing up in Leeds - most acts on here are ones we've put on or shall be in the future. Plenty ard, doomy and mindless vibes. http://www.mediafire.com/?nxzzwjhywdm