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Turd on the Run

Blatant self-promotion... I do some mixes on a radio station in Tottenham / Haringey called 199radio. I'd imagine that these mixes might be enjoyable for some dissensus headz (here's a link to the Soundcloud playlist for all my previous shows).

Here's the latest one from Saturday 25 November 2017 - a mix of house, hardcore, techno, soul, jazz, broken beat, jungle, UK garage, UK funky and other shit.



01. Wally Badarou - Chief Inspector
02. Haruomi Hosono - Strange Love
03. George Benson - Inside Love (So Personal) (Long Instrumental Version)
04. Urban Soul - Always (F.X. Mix)
05. Justice - Soothe My Soul (94) (Blame’s Mix)
06. Bob James - Nautilus
07. Hanson & Davis - Tonight (Love Will Make It Right) (Dub)
08. Nation 12 - Listen To The Drummer
09. Blapps Posse - Bus ‘It (It’s Time To Get Bzy) (The Final Message)
10. Unreleased Project - Talk To Me (Reese Instrumental Dub Remix)
11. Terrence Parker & Claude Young Jr - The 4 Play EP - Untitled B1
12. Kirk Smith - I Wanna Tell (Original Mix)
13. Garth Be - To Too Much 2
14. Aybee - Belts
15. A1 Bassline - Intasound (Mr. G’s Ibiza Dub)
16. Terre’s New Wuss Fusion - A Crippled Left Soars With The Right (DJ Sprinkles Steal This Record Remix)
17. Sensate Focus 10 - X
18. Sensate Focus 5 - Y
19. NnG - I Keep
20. Mr. Mageeka - Different Lekstrix
21. Nasty Habits - Make Some Noise
22. Dem 2 - I Got You (Gangsta Live Mix)
23. Renegade Soundwave - Space Gladiator (Dub)
24. Duke - So In Love With You (Acapella)
25. Tonya Renee - About You (Karizma Boucha Deepbahdub)
26. Chris Mack feat. Shady - Set It Off (Original)
27. R1 Ryders - Ricochet
28. Fingaprint - Night Time
29. Son Of Scientist - Vinyl Desert (SOS Rude Dub)
30. Los Hermanos - Quetzal
31. Nu Era - Octahedron
32. Phuturistix - 551 Blues
33. Nubian Mindz - Black Science (Restless Soul Looptime Mix)
34. Trace & Nico - Jazz Primitives
35. Paradox - Odissea
36. Dennis Ayler - Smoke (Part II)
37. Tenderlonious & Dennis Ayler - Butterfly
38. Norman Connors - Mother Of The Future
39. Michael White - The Blessing Song
40. Pharaoh Sanders - Love Is Everywhere
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100% endorse this mix btw when lee finally allows me on as a guest im going to talk a lot about government remote viewing projects


Turd on the Run
Here's the January 2018 edition of my show on 199radio. Managed to foist some 1993 darkside hardcore jungle techno alongside some jazz, techno, footwork, grime and other nice bits and bobs.



01. Kaidi Tatham feat. Izzi - Betcha’ Did (Agent K Mix)
02. Yutaka - Evening Star
03. John Klemmer - Free Soul
04. Carl B. Stokes - Sit Down
05. Archy Marshall - Eye’s Drift
06. Hype Williams - Warlord II (Odyssey)
07. Actress - Falling Rizlas
08. Ben Vince - Trinity
09. Laraaji - I Can Only Bliss Out (F’Days)
10. Pod - Northern Lights
11. Close Up Over - Caz
12. Simoncino - Tape II
13. Sweely - Raw Thoughts
14. Molinaro - TY
15. Peder Mannerfelt - Clear Eyes, Full Heart
16. Matthieu Faubourg - Your Skin
17. Henry Wu w/ Hardhouse Banton - Century
18. NO ID
19. G-Prod - D-Light
20. Chino Amobi - MILAN
21. Kid D - Bows & Arrows
22. Waifer - Shower Hour
23. Huerco S - Withnail
24. Traxman - Buddha Muzik
25. Traxman - Conq Dat Bitch
26. DJ Rashad - Ghost
27. DJ Rashad - Chicago
28. DJ Rashad - Love U Found
29. Cool Hand Flex feat. Bad Boy Fats - Ya Buzzin
30. Hardware - Night Stalker (DJ SS Remix)
31. Rufige Kru - Fabio’s Ghost (The Edit)
32. IVVVO - Rave Pt. 1
33. BFC - Galaxy
34. Pharaoh Sanders - You’ve Got To Have Freedom
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contribute to the forum! always self-promoting this lad no time for the rest of us!


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hi mate, it was a laugh seeing you with luke the other week. i’m trying to swing it so that you two could have a biweekly show, how does that sound to you? it could be just music or a bit of chatting too (you two have great chemistry), i'd leave the details up to you guys. i'm emailing luke as well. safe

good meeting you too. radio show sounds like fun. see what luke says, but i'm up for it.


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good meeting you too. radio show sounds like fun. see what luke says, but i'm up for it.

glad you two got on so well and yeah a regular show would be great. thats a really exciting offer and i cant wait to move forward with it.


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sorry, just to follow up. I wasn't chatting shit. i would never make a promise i wouldn't keep. if there'e one thing my friend's always say about me is that i never, ever break a promise.

ok, no worries mate, see what you can do.


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ok, no worries mate, see what you can do.

really looking forward to making the most of this opportunity. a weekly show is a challenge but one that both barty and i feel we are up to and will embrace with open arms, but also open eyes, very aware of the stress and pressure involved. youre counting on us, it's a high pressure situation, and if we fail, its your ass on the line. we do appreciate that and we wont let you down.


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yeah we got faith in you bro. just chill and ride the wave. we've got your back man. we're a team.