Ravey New York dance music - late 80s-early 90s


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yeah, some weekend I'm going to have to go through this entire thread and create a new want list.


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Nu Groove heavy mixes in the tape player. Long term always one or two people who’ll spend periods sectioned under the mental health act after too much of everything. Too common even to be a cliche.

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What is rave and what does it mean to say NYc invented it
When I say NYC invented rave I'ts really just a sly way of arguing for the UK as the true owners of it. (See simon's post).

You could say acid house was the true big bang moment and that wouldn't be wrong either. But I want to argue that if we take uk hardcore & jungle as the pinnacle of rave, practically all the elements that made up that particular music were properly put together for the first time in New York - the samples, breakbeats, stabs, the pirate attitude etc.

Of course what people regard as the pinnacle of rave music differ wildly, but I'm sure most dissensus users would agree it's uk hardcore, and thats why i knew this thread would be a hit. A lot of the tunes in this thread are scarily ahead of their time to us and still sound fresh as fuck.


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just been through this whole thread to check that this Frankie Bones gem hasn't been posted. always loved this one - basically sounds like the father of ambient jungle. just gorgeous.
So that's where Pacific State comes from!