wake up lads its time to talk about sin


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Slippery. You appear to have issues with both qualitative and quantitative data. Ok. Let's break it down.

Charities rely on funding, unless you're the Priory group of cunts. Funding requires bids to pay for resources like staff. It's how we plan ahead. Do i appreciate having to present these abstractions as proof that funding is needed? Man, they're the bane of my existence, but if you don't ask you don't get. Philanthropy (as a financial aid) doesn't really exist in the UK when it comes to mental health. Which is fucked up, because plenty of people want to volunteer and demand for treatment has never been higher. Let C19 run its course for added weight, about 18months from now.

The NHS overlaps with and bolts onto certain charitable services/sectors, which requires evidence of proof that the science which therapeutic interventions are based on are definitively healing/treating (distinctions) people. I've seen the look on client faces when presented with core-stats sheets for the first time where their psychological pain is then interpreted via number charts. That can be a road-block alert right there for some. I've had it out with psychology teams for discharging patients way too early face to face, that have included 'look at his/her core stats, they're good to go', then a week or so later said client gets found under a tube train. Unfortunately, without these metrics it's too easy for a political administration like the Tory govt to remove the NHS from continuing such interactions and dismiss the problems altogether.

Outreach projects are frontline. We've seen appalling drop off rates during Covid for addiction profiles. People are rinsing combinations of opiates and benzos at greater volumes than ever. However, if i can record this massive regional fissure 'live', weekly, monthly etc, then there's more chance that extra therapists and toxicology specialists will be seconded to work alongside our teams. This can include well-meaning post-grads and hardy professionals who are foreign nationals willing to try and negotiate the Brexit visa landscape. Far from easy.

So much trauma is tied to 'sin'. Abused people don't trust strangers. It takes time and patience to establish a relationship. That we are obliged to put metrics on numbers and values on core-stats for trauma is paradoxical. Would i rather that this realm of existence was ring-fenced permanently, with adaptive funding streams created to facilitate extra demands? Of course, but life and health-care in Britain don't work that way - this country only pays lip service to valuing the dignity of the human being's spirit and obfuscates via language AND metrics.

If you've studied therapy, check this for a joke

That's all i need to say on the subject.