Invisible Sounds Record Label Launch 12th October - Jaguar No Me, Misekake


Ah yes, I wondered how the charges work. I guess it makes sense that they update in batches rather than continuously as that would be a lot of work. Cheers discogs expert!

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@john eden - you have been good on discogs so far so can I ask a question? We sold a copy on discgos the other day so I thought that the record of sales and stuff (where it says "last sold" and "median price" and so on) would update automatically but it doesn't, why is that? I mean presumably discogs complie that information for most releases, it can't be down to the seller, or do I have to register the sale somewhere for that info to change?

I think it updates after you’ve paid your fees to Discogs. Otherwise, in theory, you could create a fake profile and “buy” a load at an inflated price, generate real sales based on the inflated price, then cancel the fakes before paying fees.


Nice little review type thing here...
My copy of Jaguar No Me's Misekake LP landed a little while ago. Full disclosure, I'd have bought it anyway cos Rich and Liza are friends and I make a point of supporting good endeavours by good people when I can.
Fuck me though - it's flat-out amazing. I waited til I got the vinyl before giving it a proper listen despite having the files because I'm weird like that - I suppose we all are a bit. Anyway, although it's had to take a back seat occasionally when I've had something to review, it's been a pretty much constant listen when work has allowed. Impossible to pigeon-hole, endlessly inventive and incredibly rewarding.
If you haven't given it a listen yet, I wholeheartedly urge you to do so. It's fucking brilliant.


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I did, about a week back! Then took me some time to get the speakers set up in the new house. It sounds good! I've only given it a spin last night. The cassette's a bit lo-fi but it's appropriate, I can always hear the hi-fi on the computer anyway!


Oh good, that's good news, I was actually afraid it was lost in the post so that's a relief. Gotta say, I dunno about the tapes cos that's all Taishi, I hope it's all ok quality and everything... like the packaging etc?


There is an article here about the band, album and record label of the year on the blog It's Psychedelic Baby (I think that's meant to be a phrase one might actually say to describe something, rather than a young child below the age of a toddler who is glowing in various bright colours and giving you some weird visuals)

Let me know what you think of the really in-depth interview and remember that the record will make a great stocking filler for the psychedelic baby in your family.
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