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  • When people my age in Britain think of "Indie" they think of The Wedding Present and Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine. When people my age in North America think of "Indie" they think of Husker Du and Pavement. No competition really, is there? But I have noticed some blogs springing up (The Blackened Air being a good example) that are largely dedicated to extracting gems from the UK indie landfill.
    The new Ike Yard Ep is now out, a link in the 'Events, new releases' thread to iTunes, 10" vinyl coming, CD album in Dec.
    Yeah, lots still going on ; have started my label REC, 2 releases out as of now (new Dominatrix Ep and Voodooists rerelease Ep ), REC003 will be the collaboration with Luca (met here on Dis ) /Judy Nylon reading/ our new group Outpost ( w/ Mark C from Live Skull ) /music guest Jamie Vex'd out late Dec./ early Jan.
    New Death Comet Crew mixing in Dec., a book/ AV Nightclubbing Diaries in the works.
    So yeah, still going on. Best on the new plants, new soil never hurts, but yes, takes time ...
    Cheers Bruno, alot of us missed you !
    fine, thank you! how are your myriad projects coming along? i enjoyed the ike yard disc very much, incidentally, it's a prized posession. i'm not very good at this forum thing but i'll poke my head in every so often. best, bruno
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