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One of the biggest mysteries of our current reality, is what’s happening in Antarctica.

Admiral Byrd’s first hand eyewitness account was, in summary: as he was flying a plane over a certain area in Antarctica, he and his co-pilot were teleported to a room where there was 5 tall humanoid beings, who instructed him that he couldn’t go any further but that he would not be harmed. After a brief conversation, Byrd recalls being teleported back into his plane with co-pilot and flying the exact opposite direction.

It is believed these beings are highly spiritually and technologically advanced. They didn’t want anyone poking around in their territory and they turned Byrd around, and sent him back home.

what else could be going on in Antarctica?


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A friend of mine spent 18 months in the Antarctic as a base medic for the British Antarctic Survey. She didn't mention anything about getting teleported anywhere, but she has started to drink heavily and mutter disjointedly about "the crawling chaos" and "the blasphemous city of Kadath beyond the plateau of Leng".
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