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padraig (u.s.)

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we used to be able to pick our callsigns at a job I had and there was a guy who picked Sugar Ray

one of the most brilliant bits of trolling I've ever seen, "I just wanna fly" was stuck in everyone's head for weeks

but it's the unexpectedness that does it


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Amused how this thread started off as a way of making fun of the Brits and became a thread psychoanalyzing Americans—"deflection" I believe is the psychological term.

padraig (u.s.)

a monkey that will go ape
you have to pick a better target from British culture to lampoon tho

all right-thinking British people condemn this kind of trash so it's not really threatening


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When I was a student in the latter half of the noughties it was indie everywhere. Nobody around me seemed to like dance music or anything and it was always straight to the indie disco if I wanted to go out with my pals (and why I ended up making new ones by going clubbing alone). I've easily.clocked up 100 hrs of being in crap venues listening to stuff like this. It's really awful. So hard to dance to and if you're not familiar as an Actual Listener of this stuff then it has no appeal in that context because it's all framed on recognition of anthems and moments.

The smoking ban was introduced not long after I started going out. I would go on nights out because I liked the people I would go with. But pre drinks isn't the same as having to endure Mr Brightside and I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor over and over again and that's how I ended up getting into smoking - just the desperate need to get outside and away from it. I would buy a 20 pack of Richmond Menthol and then come home with 18 and 2 barely smoked just because it let me go outside for a bit. I also would go and sit in the toilet and befriend the man with the aftershave and gum just because it was better than faking my through She's So Lovely or whatever dreck was on.


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It isn't and it doesn't. It makes me think of people halfheartedly singing along, feigning a smile, as their drunken buzz wears off and the lights come up in the horrible club they've somehow found themselves in once again.