Living in Isolated Places


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just been reading another jan fries book, 'kali kaula', about tantra. loads of thing srelevant to various conversations going on here, but this bit caught my eye especially, cos of the dan price video where he says he felt he had to build round and in the ground, with a skylight at the top to let light in:

"The regents of the time became the centre of the cult of the yoginis and built numerous temples for them, usually round and roofless, so the yogini spirits could arrive from heaven."


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ok so this is gold dust


this guy. not a bad guy. wants to live "off-grid" but at the same time he wants to share what he does on his YouTube channel.

to me that's a simple contradiction. either you want to be alone... or not... right? seems a little infantile to me?

and because of his posts he has been discovered and victimised by his "childish" neighbors

but he does weird things like get another neighbour to use heavy and noisy machinery to do some task - obviously making A LOT OF NOISE. and the mad/weird neighbours record that noise and play it back to him on massive loudspeakers. which is toxic and horrible but also...

and now because another neighbour has got permission to build a road out the track - he has thrown a minor fit and is selling up.

all basically proving that there's no use trying to be alone in this world.


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i remember as child on the motorways using my eye to colonise those impossible spaces, spaces that are purely representational, you can only occupy them with the eye


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I like the Tangerine Dream scored film Shy People about a disjointed family living in a Louisiana Bayou. I'm fairly isolated where I live now but have a small river nearby where I can go fishing. I wouldn't mind being isolated if I lived next to a lake or a river as long as it didn't flood. Nothing really gives me a buzz like going out in the middle of nowhere on the River Severn and fishing for Barbel.



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Just a thought - I just watched the Shy People trailer and it has a Loon Bird sample (Intalect, Pacific State, Sueno Latino etc). I love hearing that. Heard it in another film but can't remember which one, maybe a Dean Koontz horror film, but I always light up when I hear that somewhere. It's my favourite bird, actually went on a bird spotting walk near me but still no better at identifying them. Other than a Loon I really like Storks who also make Technoesque sounds but I'm yet to see either.


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My mate has bought a small patch of land in the middle of nowhere and I went to visit it yesterday.

Two nice different species of Oak at one end.

Sheds at the other, he's gonna put in a proper dwelling once he clears it more