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I have come across this exhaustive recall in world champion-level sports/games players whom I know.

I think it's cos this pointless crap just means a lot more to them, which is why they strove for that level in the first place.
Ive heard Jordan had incredible eyesight, like can read the fine print from across the room. Wouldnt be suprised if most great athletes have weird bonus quirks like that.

Theres a david foster wallace essay where he justifies not being as cool as a world class athlete by saying their autobiographies are usually boring and that they probably have some type of functional stupidity that he as a tortured intellectual prevents him from achieving similar heights in sport


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i dont even think of mvuent as a yank. i consider him a human not an american at all personally i dont know what everyone else thinks


I have lots of long ones full of numbers and capital letters and symbols and I can remember a fair few by muscle memory, but only on my keyboard.
do you find different numbers have their own flavours? like odd and even but also like 6776 compared to 1331 compared to 2947?


this from the writer @DannyL posted in another thread covers lots of questions i asked above

can't help think that music nowadays is somehow parasitic on that old memorising function?


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I've been meaning to read The Art of Memory for years. I've read a couple other of Yates's books and they're marvellous but have never read her best known work.


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I do a lot of work with teachers and students on memory - it’s probably the biggest change in teacher training in recent years, an u derstanding of metacognition. Memory is the residue of thought is the mantra, so anything we can do to strengthen memory gives kids more chance of learning of more things. Lots of this boils down to strategies not to overload our very limited working memory and to create chunks of knowledge which can be processed and shifted in the apparent infinity of long term memory. That’s a rather simplified version and not sure how useful it is to this discussion.