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Hey, this is my first post so yoroshku onegai shimasu . For years now I've been kinda collecting old-school game inspired tracks...
these days there's plenty of kids making gameboy tracks and hip-hop, grime and electro are full of all kindsa retro bleepage which is great but I really like tracks that are a nod to a particular game or about gameing generally although alot of them are fairly mediocre beyond novelty value... here's a list of some of the tracks i'm talkin about... if anyone can add to it i'd be interested to hear what u got...

powerpill > pacman
dj rob > mario beat (Video game sounds v1 dj tool)
nextmen > hi - scores
computer rockers > galaxy defender
luke vibert > viddin session
funkaho > my 2600
and a bunch of random bedroom tracks off the web... super galang etc, pacman hip-hop beat,

if anyones interested i got a strange cheesy japanese mario track with vocals in japanese about playing famicom on my brand new (alterior motive) blog here :

probably be posting some other stuff from this list and all kinds of grime / electronic / jungle / breakcore / hip-hop / pop / dub nonsense in the coming months so... if yr interested...


i have the original tetris promotional cassette tape, which i'll encode and upload for you this weekend.. one side is a 1995 techno remix of the tetris theme, the other side is an "original" called PLAY THE GAMEBOY



oh yeah my gf tipped me off about that b-dash song on your website a while back... its pretty damn funny!


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oh gosh hooray

well, taking influence as the use of sounds/samples from particular video games, i'd really have to recommend saskrotch's Nintendo Breakz; kind of a DJ tools package with hard, broken beats (and only one vocal sample as far as I can tell) under about 40 VG melodies.
there's quite a few micromusic/chiptunes groups out who perform videogame- and videogame-related music (i bet you know about for instance); if you might be interested, i'd recommend both of the l.a. artists 8-Bit Weapon and Sonic Death Rabbit .

in the rockier vein, again pretty well-known bands include The Minibosses (sweet prog rock!) and The Advantage (sweet math rock!)

there's also a fairly neat but yeah, gimmicky, rap track by Cocoa Brovaz called "Super Brooklyn"

i know of a couple of really mediocre psytrance tracks that do similar stuff. hell, cheesy italians etnica dropped an entire track called "true protoss warrior" that is completely dedicated to the badass psychic aliens from starcraft, but i cannot in good faith upload that without making sure you know it's psytrance. like, goa. man.

word to the geeks.


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dizzee rascal - street fighter riddem
theres an 8 bit remix of a black ops tune on my pc, ill upload later

and theres a hiphop tune which samples some mario music to good effect


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how come no one's mentioned game over by lil flip yet?

and don't forget bruza's freestyle on aim high 2 "i'm running past you in the game like sonic the hedgehog"
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Diaz said:
i know of a couple of really mediocre psytrance tracks that do similar stuff. hell, cheesy italians etnica dropped an entire track called "true protoss warrior" that is completely dedicated to the badass psychic aliens from starcraft, but i cannot in good faith upload that without making sure you know it's psytrance. like, goa. man.

word to the geeks.

Hey! There's nothing cheesy about Etnica, especially not True Protoss Warrior. Badass track, that. One of my favorite groups, shieeet.

I don't get this stigma around psytrance, it's not ALL utter shite.


from the old school:

Video Burnout by Little Toni Marsh

about a girl who uses her lunch money to play video games.

Computer World by Began Cekic(maybe under a different name)

about the age-old battle from before the time of man....Space Invaders vs. Pac-Man

Arcade Funk-Tilt

Old Go-Go, I think actually Trouble Funk?


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Don't know if I should go into this but 80s soft-funk girl group Klymaxx did a song called 'The Video Kid' that contains classy lyrics about being hot for this guy who's awesome at spacies, all topped off with background spacies noises...

The bit I remember off-hand:

I wish that he would notice me
Like he notices Defender & Centipede
I'd give him free extended play
My arcade is always open
For the Kid - he's smokin'

Yes, that's from memory. :eek:

There's also some line about wishing he'd put his coin in my slot... :rolleyes:

I could chuck a low budget mp3 somewhere if anyone's ... game.


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Oh, I like Klymaxx too. I don't remember if that's on the tape I have but I'm gonna check for it for sure.

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One of my favorite tunes is that hip hop track by the Cocoa Brovs that sample Super Mario Bros. I forgot the name but man that beat is pretty sick. Oh and Ed Rush n Optical as well as Andy C on the remix for that "PacMan" tune. Those are some i can think of at the moment.



mc's try ta front like they hard, but they flip when i mash up they memory card

thanks for responding peeps.... blew the dust outta my brain cartridge and remembered a few more tracks...

ttc > "game over '99" great mario samples through this one... i love ttc... lost the instro version to this one somewhere :(

hexstatic > "vector" + "bass invader" allthough neither is such a great track... cabbageboy's vector remix is ok

del the funky homosapien + kaos unique > "protoculture" rhymin about all they sega games but the music sounds as cheesy as sonic the hedgehog bgm and not in a good way.

I'd never really heard lil flip but i d/l'd it and it's a great track... thanks stelfox.

forgot about cocoa brovas... had a low bit mp3 of this a while ago but they jacked the mario beat instro i was talking about for that one...plays well on its own + good for mash-ups / mixes... lotsa scratch djs drop it in their sets.

i'd like to hear that klymaxx track (great name) and the little tina one... and minikomi's tetris tape sounds amusing.

I'm gonna post a bunch of these tracks in a couple hours on my blog so if anyone wants to grab the instro of the super brooklyn beat or slim thug's half screwed pacman beat, an mp3 of the atari 2600 side of 8-bit construction set's dj tool complete with fucked up 80's atari ads voiced by alan alda and jack palance you may have heard places like dj yoda's 80's mix and a bunch of atari samples head here a little later on > > >

I don't have server space so it's strictly usendit action.

oh yeah... if anyone's interested in game samples on vinyl to scratch... there's way better samples on Dirtstyle's "Hillbilly Breaks" than on "8-bit construction set" or "Video Game Breaks vol 1"

RANDOM MEMORY FLASH > > > > does anyone remember the 80's movie "JOYSTICKS"? as the title suggests it was one of those teen t&a comedies but it was set in a game arcade... the finale of the movie is two guys having a battle playing super pacman with a giant joystick the size of a basketball... there's this hilarious character called the vidiot who's like a new wave punker who rides a round on mini motorcycles with his three new wave groupie girls and makes pacman noises with his mouth ... AAAAAANYWAY...


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OK, here's that's Klymaxx tune if you're interested. Just recorded it off record so it's a bit crusty sounding... Handclaps and slap bass... "I'll be the fruit and he can be my Pacman" and the cutest synth ever. The use of video noises is pretty minimal actually, but surely the rest makes up for it.

I was so utterly offended when I first listened to this track (the LP was a 50c purchase to scour for samples), just couldn't believe something so naff, but it's ridiculously catchy.
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Y.M.O - Computer Games 12" (download it of shareaza or wherever)
Buckner & Garcia - PACMAN fever.

Obviously all you shnooks weren't even born when video games happened, which makes me feel like an old fart.
There's an old Detroit Techno track by Separate Minds called "First Bass". Here's what the producer Mark Kinchen said about it:

"I got the sounds from a computer game called Metal Gear. I wanted to call it that too. Sometimes I would rather listen to computer games than any music. "

I posted the track at my blog a few weeks back, but here it is again.:

Separate Minds - First Bass

Dunno much about Gaming to be honest, nor anything about Metal Gear. But I like this tune.


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Logan Sama said:
Actually come to think of it, no one even mentioning R Type in a whole page of replies is saddening.

Diggedy Derek mentioned it - it's Jo, not Shy FX, isn't it?