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Norwegian Wood
k-punk said:
Thanks everyone...

was actually going to mention both The Garden and From Gardens where we Feel Secure (did you know that Foxx produced the demos of that btw?)

I had no idea. Do you have a copy of those demos? ;)


the abyss
jenks said:
i am so pleased with the responses to this thread

i really thought i was going to hear loads of 'm.o.r. hippyshit' accusations

bush really does invoke a kind of rapt response from all areas - a bloke at work claimed not to like her but on actually borrowing the album is something of a convert.

birdsong has taken on a whole new meaning for me

ps i too really enjoyed your piece kpunk

i like it - but first listen some of it sounded a bit bland. maybe because i've been listening to the dreaming a lot before hearing ariel. thats my favourite lp of hers and i miss that demented looney business that shes so good at.

but the latest one is still quality, just different. i think its going to be a grower.