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I've always loved beatboxing and I picked up a scribble jam 2004 dvd a few weeks back which was pretty dissapointing except for the beatbox battle... actually one competitor... a-train. He was incredible. Got me wanting to hear more fresh beatbox talent and I haven't researched that guy yet but I was wondering if anyone here knows any other cats with recordings floating around apart from rahzel and all the classics like biz etc.


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The grime scene seems to have spawned a small beatbox revival.

Probably because people often stand out in the streets spittin lyrics where there's no other music available (at least there wasn't until they realised they could play the mp3s they had stored in there mobile phones, using the loud speaker option).

A guy called Killa Kela is more or less the king on this scene. Another talented guy is Faith SFX who recently won the UK Beatbox Championships (but only because Killa Kela didn't enter, more or less)

Read about Faith SFX here:

And watch and listen to him here:
and here:


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dsp13 said:
which was pretty dissapointing except for the beatbox battle... actually one competitor... a-train.

Reminds me of the world DMC finals where good ol' Tony Price keeps calling A-Trak "A Traaaaaain" in his Sunday afternoon wrestling presenter's patter and everyone stands around looking embarrassed.


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Met this guy who is a great beatboxer named Yuri Lane. He did a solo show at an art gallery i was djing at.

Then, when i saw Roots Manuva, they had a technical problem and lost all power to the turntables, so he jumped up on stage and did some beatboxing with them. it was wicked. Definitely check this guy out.


cool... yeah I used to have a great jazz fudge mixtape with mr thing cutting and killa kela beatboxing all through it and lots of arsonists freestyles but my tape deck ate it beyond repair. found a myspace link for a-train. u should check it out...


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thanks mms... been wandering around this forum all afternoon watching some crazy live footage including 12 year old belgian kids beatboxing tribal techno beats (very strange). DonRuba... was gonna ask u if the grime kids beatbox grimey beats or straight hip-hop then I watched the footage and heard him spit the icerink riddim (maybe? or some wiley beat)... dope.
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but yeah we got a few good beatboxers down under sounds well wikkid when theres a few of em vibing off each other...