Vitalic Peel Session


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peel session tonight @ maida vale. it was quite special. Vitalic played.

A modest twenty-something, he slammed his Korg and whispered over the mic

you get the idea of the new album (PIAS 2005), it's all in the set, which'll be archived online somewhere

i was told it was the last peel session. the room felt empty. the coffee machine, the sofas, the technicians, they were all still there but it was different. everyone enjoyed the music, i'm sure he'd have been pleased.

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Bamber Clatscoigne
Saw Vitalic at the Sonar pre-party at the Ocean in Hackney over Summer. What can I say? He blew Jeff Mills away.


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i asked him what he made of 'alter ego's rocker. he wasn't impressed, not a bit. and when asked what music'd inspired him the most he cited genres I've barely even heard of (I'll be quizzing matt and jim in the near future). he did however sing the praises of Ken Lazlo's 'hey hey guy' which as some of you know is one of my all time fav songs (and if catch any of you sneakin it onto a compilation before i manage to pin it down there'll be trouble)

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Long live ...

Thanks Nick
Looking forward to hearing this new Vitalic
Last music i heard by him was the track with Linda Lamb , had caught that on Fluxblog this past summer
and that was umm , ... i liked it music wise .
La Rock and Pony were so hot
He's got a short list of killer tracks already , glad to hear more from him !


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I really like the way that Ken Laszlo track sounds when mixed in among early 90s belgian stuff...

I guess rocker:la rock :: outkast:prince so not surprising he'd hate it really...