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YouTube video finds for the people

I've been feeling a little nostalgic lately.

My finds so far..

sl2 'way in my brain' -

sl2 'on a ragga tip' -

sl2 'djs take control' -

human resource 'dominator' -

altern8 'evapor-8' -

altern8 'activ8' -

altern8 'hypnotic st8' -

acen 'trip to the moon III' -

urban shakedown 'some justice' -

sonz of da loop era 'far out' -

baby d 'let me be your fantasy' -

the house crew 'the theme' -

la style 'james brown is dead' -

4 hero 'mr kirk's nightmare (energize 96 mix) -

2 bad mice 'bombscare' -

a guy called gerald 'voodoo ray' -

top buzz at book of love 1992 (from everything starts with an e) -


malcolm mclaren 'buffalo gals' - gals

bdp - the bridge is over -

bdp - my philosophy -

jungle brothers - what u waitin for? -

3rd Bass - gasface -

bambaataa - planet rock -

epmd - you gots to chill -

kmd - who me? -

UMCs - blue cheese -

just ice/krs-one - going way back -

audio two - i don't care -

special ed - i got it made -

black moon - i gotcha open -

master ace - music man -

master ace - me and the biz -

x-clan - funkin lesson -

krs1, skinny boys, kool moe dee, steady b, schoolly d - live 1988 -

schoolly d - i don't like rock n roll -


rammellzee - live -
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Bruce Springsteen - Growin Up Live 1972

Associates - Kites live

Melvins - Matt-Alec sort of live

Dinosaur Jr - The Lung live

Amon Duul II - Eye Shaking King

The Human League - Path Of Least Resistance live

Kool Keith - Plastic World

Frisco - Freestyle

Winter - Servents Of The Warsmen

Celtic Frost - Circle Of The Tyrants

Burzum - Dunkelheit

Voivod - Tribal Convictions
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Some music ones:

Eclipse, Cambridge, March 1991 -

Fantazia, Castle Donnington, July 1992 -

Top Buzz interview, Blackmarket Records, 1991/2 -

UK rave oldskool police bust -

Stevie Hyper D, Germany -

Chef vs. Benga, London, July 2006 -

Skream, Brussels, January 2006 -

Non-music: STS-121 Space Shuttle Discovery cockpit camera, July 2006 -
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luka said:

I've been talking about that clip to anyone who'll listen for years now. In case you didn't know, it's from a 3-part BBC documentary series from the 80s called, imaginatively, The History of LSD.

The series has also got some great footage of a Tory MP on LSD, part of an (until that point suppressed) investigation into its effects by the Beeb in the 60s, shortly before it was banned (LSD, not the Beeb, obviously). He waxes lyrical about the the visual quality of the curtains for quite a while, if memory serves.

Oh, and also, it's got an interview with Albert Hoffmann, with a reconstruction of his first trip, complete with top Doctor Whop style video effects.

And the girl is every bit as beautiful as I remember. So thanks!

God bless the Internet.


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my favourite bit is where she goes
'not only with orange'

its a beautiful clip