qutting smoking!


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Anyone here dealing with this at the moment?

if no one minds ill start AA style -

been smoking 2 years now , bout 10-15 a day , decided to quit and threw all my lighters , baccy , papers etc into the sink , turned tap on and finally threw into bin... been dry for two days now!

I refuse to suddenly go all obese so no sweet/chocolate/beer binges to compensate...

must admit , not finding it all that hard really , especially if i get my bike rides n pressups etc in just a bit moodier , irritable perhaps...

one thing is... nothing beats a cig and coffe in the morning - "breakfast of champions" according to mr paul auster! too right! Also a cig with the paper... latest 12"... before going out... whilst going out ha...
try drinking water whenever the craving hits you, or if your appetite spikes. that will stave off weight gain, and satisfy the oral craving.

myself i never started, 'less you count one cigarette in high school to prove to the cool kids that i wouldn't like it "really".


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Its the wave of anger that always gets me... I'll need to be restrained in a sealed chamber for a week to succeed at quitting, lest I stab my workmates/family/friends in the face from the rage... irritability isn't the half of it... smashing doors in, snarling "cunts!" at hapless passersby, ripping expensive things off cars... its not a pretty sight... :eek:



Yuh-huh... I've been smoking for about 13 years now!!! Maybe 10 - 20 a day. I quit (temporarily) succesfully once before about 5 years ago. Think I lasted 3 months before I stupidly decided it might be nice to have one now and then... >moron<.

I tried to quit a few months back too but first sign of alcohol and it was all over. But!!! I woke up 2 weeks ago... smoked my last cigarette for breakfast and thought "f8ck this..."

I haven't had one since... been about 15 days so far. The first week was hell. Apart from the incredible irritability/intense mood swings (luckily my coworkers & flatmates understood to leave me the hell alone that week), around day 5 my body went into hardcore physical & psychological withdrawal... I felt like I was in some junkie detox scene from a bad tv drama except I wasn't tied to the bed. I was bawling, screaming into pillows, hitting my head with closed fists...all night until I finally passed out. It was such a completely miserable, pathetic and horrible feeling and it's been my biggest motivation not to have one since.

That and the fact that taxes on tobacco in Australia are f*&king criminal. A packet of 20 Marlboro Lights is $11 - $12 dollars. I was spending more on cigs than on rent or food. Totally ridiculous.

I HAVE been eating alot, but I don't care if I put on a bit of weight. It's a small price to pay for my freedom.

My advice to anyone trying to quit would be to indulge in other less harmful vices to excess for the first week or so. You don't wanna be quitting that week where you're living on bread & beans... make nice food, stay busy,play games, watch movies (maybe not David Lynch movies) visit non-smoking friends, drink booze if you have to but I wouldn't advise it at first. Same with weed... I used to love a smoke when I was stoned so it was a bit hard to stop one without the other... but this time I've been smoking pot a bit... (without tobacco in it obviously)... helps fight the stress factor

If I crumble like a pathetic biatch I'll let you know, but I think I'm gonna make it this time.



simon silverdollar

i'm going to carry on with the smokes till the government bans smoking in bars and clubs (next year? the year after?)- make them do the work for me.

got to make hay while the sun shines innit.


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simon silverdollar said:
i'm going to carry on with the smokes till the government bans smoking in bars and clubs (next year? the year after?)- make them do the work for me.

got to make hay while the sun shines innit.

this my plan also. just back from nyc where ban in place, and have to say my own laziness beat my cig craving. if you can't be bothered to go outside, you won't smoke. nights where i normally would have smoked 10-15 were reduced to 1-2. with no effort from me. bonza...


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the best and easiest way for me to quit smoking is a fast. because while there are many activities associated with smoking, sex, movies, drinking, etc., none come close to food - after a big meal I just REALLY want a smoke. well and drink too but when I'm doing a fast I don't touch alcohol either.

it's by far the easiest to stop everything at the same time.

no food, no alcohol, no smoking. drink lots of fresh squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, take some urbal supplements (no not that kind), and start some kind of physical activity for atleast an hour a day.

do this for atleast a week and your urge for smoke will be DRASTICALLY reduced.

or you can be like me and do it for 1.5 months and by that point not only are you completely over fags, but look and feel like a god.


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when i quit my six year habit, i unconsciously slowed down considerably at first and then one day i just went cold turkey

it wasnt something i made a big deal of, i just felt like enough was enough already. no big lifestyle changes, just more aerobic exericse. that was the greatest help, because when i slipped up and smoked a cigarette, it was very difficult to run or swim the next day. and i had more of a desire to be fit than i did to smoke.

hard candy helped a lot too
and whenever i felt the urget to light up, i'd place a pen or straw between my fingers like a cigarette and either start writing or do something else constructive

i remember how, even after just one week, the smell of secondhand smoke made me nauseated