It's about time Hip-Hop moved on when...


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hamptons hip hop = where rap really wants to be.

i just realised tea partayyy is actually sponsored by smirnoff. oh dear (for hip hop). i wish this was real though and that it was actually being released as a single.
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Not sure about hip hop, but maybe its time to move on for people who think that white upper-class parodies of hip hop are still funny.

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So hip hop should move on from being the most dominant music form and youth culture in the world that people would parody it? Move on from what exactly? Selling millions of copies to people from all walks of life the world over? I'd like you to be specific on the reasons why hip hop should move on from being so prominent and successful that some idiots would mock the culture? One.


The only thing I ever really liked in this vein were the KFC adverts with nerdy office workers singing about various chicken-in-a-bun offers in the style of slick 80's soul.
It was funny 'cause they could actually hold a tune. I mean, anyone can do a "comedy" rap.