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  • Funny you should mention Chibuku - well not really, as I know you live in Liverpool - but I had a great night there a couple of summers ago with Mrs. Tea when she was still studying there (at Liv Uni, not Chibuku). Loads of great breakbeat, which many Dissensians seem to quite down on for some reason, but I had a wicked time.
    Call me Mr. Boring-Pants, but that's a big part of the reason I applied. Could always try my hand at something else if things have picked up in a few year's time, of course.
    Woo, heard back from the operational research thing I'd applied for, they want me for interview (well, 'assessment') - if I get this, it could be great. It's part of the civil service that deals with all things statistical, which on the face of it sounds quite dull but they do stuff like contingency planning for epidemics, land use and climate surveys, all kinds of stuff.

    Fingers crossed...
    Hey mate, how's you? I'm fine, ta for asking. Got an interview next week for a PGCE course, which I'm hoping to keep as my 'all else fails' option - then again, there's plenty of worse things I could end up doing than teaching, I suppose. I've had encouraging nibbles from a recruitment agency, too. Should probably just send off my CV to a shitload of even slightly promising-looking jobs on the Guardian website as well, on a sort of 'fling enough shit...' basis.

    Mostly I'm just enjoying being a student any more, though.
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