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Your video was great! But yes, a bit of boost on the audio would be nice. But otherwise, it was very informative and everything flowed really well. I also like how you handled the visuals. I was thinking the entire time whether you did a voiceover or spoke with that headgear!


I liked the delivery. Reminded me a little bit of the TV art critic Matthew Collings, sort of informed but mellow.


true ^^ ......to extend the h____ology theme, it's sort of like what i imagine bbc2 or channel 4 were like before i was born, all tarkovsky, komeda, empathetic yet understated delivery etc[!]
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so is this to replace your written blog matt?

its very cool, i'm sure the gentle giant people would be chuffed to bits :)
thanks mms. i think it probably will replace the writing. but i'm not going to kill that off entirely.

@audio. have fixed this now.

hold tight the next episode (may be in 2-3 weeks, maybe sooner)


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Brilliant, pushing the boundaries as always. You have a great presenting voice.
Loved the humor, like when you show Beethoven and there's also the picture of the dog. Makes me wonder what else I missed. The visuals are great too, that white outline around you, the collage-y background.

Must be a lot of work, you shoulnd't get rid of the writing. It could be used as an outline and supporting material for the video because it's not as easy to find the bits you want to reference in the video.

Why isn't this in the music section?
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TV on the web-io

Highly enjoyable, mate. And I'm by no means a prog-fan.

One comment, though: O. Coleman's music was/is not as "happen stance" as some people take it to be, but I guess your point was how some people took it as happen stance and not a comment on Coleman's music as such.

Looking forward to the next show.

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really enjoyed that :)

agree that it is a great format. maybe i look in the wrong places but it is refreshing to see an enthusiastic critical engagement with music in an audio/visual form that amounts to so much more than the hagiographies or sounmdbites we get on tv.

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Really liked this. Highly enjoyable and amazing how much work you put into it. Might I suggest that consider putting up an RSS feed or Democracy Player channel? Democracy handles flash video very nicely, allows saving and recommendations, and is easy to use. If you're not too concerned with driving traffic to your site its a great way of putting content out.


you mean we can look forward to a new installment of woebot.tv every week or so? the first was everything good about blogs and tv without the bad parts. definitely linking all my friends up to this...


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loving everything about this - the delivery, choice of music , presentation...!!

i just set aside the back of my history notebook for writing down some of mr woebot's more esoteric suggestions. ..


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So cleverly done. This is like art commentary that borders on being art itself... Don't mean to gush, but I really respect this level of creativity.

Matt, I think you are winning at the internet right now...


so, so wicked! loved the winding elaboration on the burial album. somehow this format manages to convey all the discursive twists and turns of the blog but in a totally new way. fantastic!!


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I like the way that although it LOOKS like an arts documentary, the narrative structure proceeds in an ambling "do what the fuck I want" style of a lengthy blog post (hence the detour mid-list, apropos of Burial's trumpet atmospherics, into mutant horn music complete with dancing, or into the silly/inspired interview with Xylitol...!). Even people who have no interest in the actual contents I have shown this to love it.


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Impressive. By the way, will past episodes be archived? Is the Gentle Giant episode still available (I did catch it eventually, and loved it, but wanted to steer a few friends to it)?