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a while back I inhereted several cds' worth of interesting and completely unlabelled music. I've made my way through quite a bit of it but a few dozen tunes remain mysteries. thought I'd try posting them up for your identifying pleasure. I appreciate any insight you can provide!

15 - 23 - 50

edit: these have been ID'd in this thread:
01 - Gordon Mumma - Fwyyn
02 - Deep Listening Band & Long String Instrument - TexasTravelTexture Part 4
03 - Renaldo & The Loaf - Melvyn's Repose
04 - Hood - In Iron Light
05 - Lou Harrison - Varied Trio: II. Bowl Balls
06 - Tony Geballe - Evening Tower
07 - Michel Redolfi - Entree (Immersion)
08 - Ella Fitzgerald - Cherry Red
09 - Iggy Pop - New Values
10 - Buffalo Daughter - Cold Summer
11 - Claudine Longet - You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry
12 - Broken Record Chamber - Swamp Meat
13 - F. Edgar Gilbert - John Dowland, Galliard, Robin
14 - Excerpt from Fantastic Planet
16 - MC Solaar - La Cinquieme Saison
17 - Ike & Tina Turner - Do The Chicken
18 - Robert Macht - Suite for Javanese Gamelan and Synthesizer: I. String of Pearls
19 - Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate
20 - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brooks - Longing
21 - Cafe Tacuba - Reves
22 - David Grubbs - Stanwell Perpetual
24 - Kenneth Gilbert (performer) / Rameau (composer) - L'egiptienne
25 - James White & The Blacks - (Tropical) Heat Wave
26 - Bikini Kill - Distinct Complicity
27 - Mighty Duke - Racial Segregation
28 - Trallaleri of Genoa - La Partenza (The Parting)
29 - Sequentia - Vos Flores, Rosarum (De Martytibus, Responsorium)
30 - The Master Musicians Of Jajouka - Talaha L'Badro Alaina
31 - Texas Alexander - Work Ox Blues
32 - Throbbing Gristle - Ab/7a
33 - Kurt Weill - Die Moritat von Mackie Messer
34 - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - South Of The Border
35 - The Kamkars - Set Me Free
36 - Lightnin' Hopkins - Don’t Think ‘Cause You’re Pretty
37 - Boccherini: Quintet No.3 for Guitar and Strings in B flat, G.447 - 3. Adagio
38 - La Fura Dels Baus - Cercanías
39 - Screaming Jay Hawkins - Old Man River
40 - Pluramon - Self (Remix)
41 - Annie Gosfield - The Manufacture Of Tangled Ivory Part II
42 - Edward Artemiev - Stalker: Meditation
43 - Rev. James Strickland - Philip in Samaria
44 - Charpentier - Te Deum
45 - Holly Golightly - Without You
46 - Carlos D'Alessio - Duo
47 - Otomo Yoshihide / Christian Marclay - Hyoushi
48 - Photon Band - The Sky Is Too High
49 - Isotope 217 - Sint_D
51 - Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields Chamber Ensemble & Pepe Romero - Boccherini: Quintet No.9 For Guitar And Strings In C, G.453- "La Ritirata Di Madrid" -3. Allegretto
52 - Moon Seven Times - Sweet Magnolias
53 - Sons of the Pioneers - Skyball Paint
54 - Slim Gaillard - Yip Roc Heresy
55 - Peggy Lee - It's A Good Day
56 - Jeff Beck - Down In The Boots
57 - Modern Jazz Quartet - Bag's Groove
58 - Memphis Slim - Rockin' the House
59 - Acholi Bwala Dance (Uganda) - East Africa Ceremonial & Folk Music
60 - F. Edgar Gilbert - Couperin: Rondeau Les Baricades Misterieuses
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Brown Sugar
19. (Dadaist and Futurist artist) Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate. Sound poetry in four movements, composed 1922-1932. Fantastic piece. A score of it here:

33. "Die Moritat von Mackie Messer," from Dreigroschenoper, 1928. Music by Weill, lyrics by Brecht. Most will know it as "Mack The Knife" from !he Threepenny Opera.

36. Lightnin’ Hopkins. "Don’t Think ‘Cause You’re Pretty"

39. Screaming Jay Hawkins’ version of "Old Man River," from his album, Black Music For White People. Manifesto records, 1991. That’s David Sanborn and John Zorn playing the intermittent horn noise.

53. An old country tune, “Skyball Paint.” Which version? My guess is: Sons of the Pioneers, 1953.

55. Peggy Lee. “It’s a Good Day”


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thank you very much tate, it means a lot to me!
I was hoping someone could ID the old man river tune. for some reason my copy has a couple seconds of white noise in the middle of the song, rendering it useless for djing. now I'll be on the lookout for Screamin' Jay Hawkins' cd...


there are no accidents
first 2 sound like some post-minimal or totalist thing... bit like James Tenney actually... but what I've heard of his work has more layers / overlap / overtones. like the sustained accordian. the clusters of new-age-ish notes that come in the second half of track 2 sound almost like Rainbow in Curved Air period Riley.


Number 44 is the signature tune to the infamous Eurovision Song Contest. Wikipedia tells me it is the prelude to Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s Te Deum. Here is a YouTube-snippet: Te Deum.


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thank you folks!

if you don't feel like wading through it all, I find the following especially intriguing:

04, 06, 07, 17, 20, 23, 28, 32, 34, 35, 40, 41, 42, 47, 49, and 54.

oh and I found out that 46 is "Duo" by Carlos D'Alessio, from the Delicatessen OST. it's a musical saw / cello duet!
25 is called Heat Wave but the artist on this version is unknown... the same goes for 08 - titled Cherry Red, artist unknown.
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Can't help I'm afraid, but I love this thread. Internet archiving as archiving, fab.

same here, i think it would be better not to know but curiosity would get the better of me too

45 is royal truxish but good (as opposed to most of their stuff since 92 or so)


Bring out the vacuum
4 is by Hood, called In Iron Light. Most of their stuff is sung by a man and sounds quite different to this, but if you find it especially intriguing then I recommend checking out the album it's off, "Cycle Of Days And Seasons".

9 is Iggy Pop's New Values.

You may have picked up on 14 judging by how you named it, but it's just a snippet from the English soundtrack for the movie Fantastic Planet (La Planete Sauvage).

I reckon 20 could well be Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, but I've heard bugger all. Did any of his Michael Brooks collabs sound all pedal steel like this?? I like it a lot, anyway!

That's all I know anything about...


Number 8 is Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Cherry Red’.

Number 10 is Buffalo Daughter’s ‘Cold Summer’.

Number 11 is Claudine Longet’s cover of Caravelles’ (far superior) ‘You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry’.

I also strongly suspect that Number 25 is ‘(Tropical) Heat Wave’ off this album by James White & The Blacks.


just my 2 cents too.. i really like these kinds of threads ;)

im looking for a track too - a crunk/booty song i think is called peanut butter and starts with the lines

peanut butter eat it up ???? juicy cup
bam bam choo choo train, get up onnit and ride that thing

i cant/why not
i cant/why not

my back is aching my bra too tight
my booty shaking from the left to the right
imma ride that ?? all night
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thanks for all your help folks! I've enlisted the ranks of the planet mu forum as well, if ya want to hop on over and see what they uncover...

guybrush, I researched your conjecture about (Tropical) Heat Wave and it was confirmed! thank you sir!

michael, thanks for IDing 04. I'll have to look into Hood. ...and I'm with you on 20, it's a piece of work!
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Bring out the vacuum
Thought I'd have another dig through, bust out a bit of search engine action...

01 & 02 - I wondered if these were Pauline Oliveros? I haven't heard much but she certainly does "accordion drone" stuff, for the most part.

17 - 'Do The Chicken' by Ike & Tina Turner, if my hunch about the vocalist is correct and my google-fu is on point. Surely there aren't many songs that go "do the chicken" that sound like Tina?

20 - Did some more google action and confirmed it is what I'd suggested above - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brooks. The tune's called 'Longing'. Confirmation:

26 - 'Don't Need You' by Bikini Kill

52 - Is called 'Sweet Magnolias' and may be by Moon Seven Times? Can't verify.

58 - Is called 'Rock This House', don't know the version. It's not a duet between Elton John & BB King. ;)

And that's me done, I reckon.


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hey michael. thanks for your ninja skills. I went the extra obsessive step and confirmed that Chicken is by Ike & Tina Turner, and Sweet Magnolias is by Moon Seven Times... unless however unlikely this blog is describing a different song:

I wouldn't be surprised if 1 and 2 were pauline oliveros.. all this music came from a rediculously artsy college. will keep the feelers out!

oh and the bikini kill song is actually called 'distinct complicity', as confirmed by the old skool p-mu post.
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time to ressurrect this thread again, thanks to the nifty iphone app Shazam, which auto-ID'd a couple key tracks here!

06 - Tony Geballe - "Evening Tower"
42 - Edward Artemiev - "Stalker: Meditation"
54 - Slim Gaillard - "Yip Roc Heresy"

and of course my awesome mom, who found-

31 - Texas Alexander - "Work Ox Blues"

I'd nearly give my left arm to know what 07 is, in case anyone has stumbled upon it recently...


No. 45 is Thee Headcoatees, can't remember the title, sorry. It's not on 'Bostik Haze' or 'Here Comes Cessation', if that's any help (not)


10 below
Renaldo & The Loaf

#3 is Renaldo & The Loaf - "Melvyn's Repose" from the Ralph Records compilation Frank Johnson's Favorites. that was our fave college-era tune for stoned giggle fits c. 1981-82.

may also want to check their LP called Songs For Swinging Larvae in case any of the other tracks (#1, #2 ?) are from that