What is this magical thing?


Honky Tonk Woman
link to .ogg file

What is this and where do I find more like it? I am not even sure of the region of this music, much less the artist/title/compilation source/genre ...

I got a few other tune id's there if you want to take a crack at them.


there are no accidents
ah ha. that is from Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 1 both volumes are fantastic, like you said, magical. my favorite stuff from the Sublime frequencies camp so far. I had both up for download on my bwoggy a while back... but I guess links are prolly dead by now. if you want I can up again.

hit me with more IDs
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Honky Tonk Woman
Ah awesome. I should have know it'd be something like that. We had Hisham Mayet in town a couple weeks ago showing his great film "Musical Brotherhoods From the Trans-Saharan Highway" and he had a table with all these Sublime Frequencies CDs/DVDs there.

A local owner of the record store El Suprimo released “Cambodian Pysch-Out” which is probably similar.

The other track id's are in same place but they are all techno/house.